The Feeling of Getting an Autograph from a Band, Singer or Actor etc.
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Posted 10/28/09
..did u ever get an autograph from a star? =)
...if u did, what was ur feeling seeing their hands writing in ur notebook or poster??

i'll share u my experience =)

on oct. 2009 i was reviewing 4 my exams, i couldn't really focus cuz there were a lot of screamings
from was soo loud!, i was curious and i w0ndered y they were shouting, at 1st i thought there
were only playing a game, but as the screamings got louder i decided to go look at the window, i couldn't
see really well cuz there were trees all i went on the 2nd floor and looked and then my heart
suddenly beated SO FAST!! guess what i saw, .....a poster of KIM JOON (woo bin from bof) i thought f4 was
here but then, it was T-MAX! since my dad worked on the hotel they were staying on (so i lived on that
hotel) i got the privilege to enter their comference, i took many pics of them and wat was weird was
everyone looked at me (including T-Max! especially kim joon oppa) then there was this girl that
actually thought i was korean (lawl)......when they went out i didn't get the chance to get an autog...
so what i did was i asked my dad's staff (she's my friend, the one who's handeling the guests) to
get an autopgraph, then, she called me saying that T-max promzed that they would sign my notebook!
so, on sunday, i got their autograph! yay! i was SOOOO happy, that everyday i kept on looking at it, and instantly
i fell in luv w/ T-MAX!!!! i was soo happy that i couldn't explain how happy i am, until now! (THIS IS A REAL STORY!! I PROMIZ AND HONESTLY!!!!!!)

here's SOME pics (i didn't get dis from the internet, i seriously got it from my cam! honestly!)

autograph in my notebook! yay! (they wrote my name and said "best wishes and I LOVE YOU directly to me!! yay!! this is real!)

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Posted 11/14/09 , edited 11/14/09
Never got any autographs before.
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Posted 11/14/09
I almost got one -__-..
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