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Posted 10/28/09
contest for our theme of halloween !!
got some scary stuff that happened in your life ??
and by chance have taken a picture of it ??
why dont you post it here
and give people some goosebumps ??

in this contest, you have to post a scary picture that will be your entry for this contest.
you may NOT edit your picture in any means (e.g Photoshop ... )
contest will go on for 10 days and winners will be chosen through the mods .


[1] no taking pictures from other website and claim it as yours. DONT STEAL !!
[2]you may only submit TWO entries.

the most scariest picture will win eventually !! ~~

there will be two winners for this contest for being the most scariest
winners will receive an award and badge of prove.
non-winners will receive badge of prove.

do your best guys !!

entries submition till:
Posted 10/31/09
dang ppl r so ignorant how r ppl gonna say da group is dyign n we got contes tn stuff jezzum crow
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