Post Reply l hate my hair... boo hoo hoo T^T
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Posted 10/30/09 , edited 10/30/09
Everytime l try to style my hair it is just terrible and is a huge mess, so l just put it back in the shower and clean it up, but this year, l want to actually get my hair to be something different >=(

My hair is really thick (and annoying), and l can never do anything with it except just leave it down.
l'll post a picture of myself later, but the kind of hairstyles l want are these

and no l don't want to grow my hair out too much, or my parents... complain. A LOT.

the reason l don't want to post one now is because l screwed around with it this morning for halloween, and it's not too bad :)

But l need an everyday 5 minute to do hairstyle please D:

Oh and just to add, does anyone know a stylist around the North York (Toronto) area? And one that specializes in Asian hair please
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Posted 10/30/09 , edited 10/30/09
I got advice.

If your hair is really thick you must must must get it thinned and layered correctly.
Second you should straighten your hair before styling even if youve got straight hair.
Third use the right styling product

And yah my parents complain about my medium longish hair alot >.<
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Posted 11/7/09 , edited 11/8/09
Vietboy is right.

Rule of thumb: thin and layered.

You should be proud of that thick asian hair you have.

I myself strive to have what those boys got. Those layers are too beautiful! Im not sure who would specialize in asian hair BUT when you go to a salon, bring some printed pictures of hairstyles you like. They will be happy to tell you what you need to do. Just know when they ask " if you want product" or anything like that it will cost you extra so you might want to wait to go home to break out the straightner and the product. Otherwise you will walk out looking phresh anyways. Stylists always style my hair better than I do. Haha.
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