Post Reply Complement The Avii Or Picture Above
Posted 10/30/09 , edited 11/4/09
K, well, this is pretty easy. All you have to do, is come up with a complement about the person's avii or picture that posted before you =)
example, the person that posts next will post a complement on mine, then the next person will complement on the person that complememted mine ect.
Posted 10/30/09
i'll start, but this is gonna sound self-conceited since it's my own =P
you look like a princess in your/my picture!!! lmao
Posted 10/31/09

I luk really pretty in that outfit
Posted 11/3/09
that's soo cool. did you edit that?!?!? or is it just the way you got the pic??
Posted 11/4/09
i love your dress!
Posted 11/4/09
That dude on ur avii is CUTE!!! haha

@wollywollywest --It takes sum practice on doing it :]
Posted 11/7/09
i love urs. sooo pink and purple <3
lol. to bad. i don't think i have photoshop on my laptop tho cuz i just got it a while ago. plus, i prob suck at it anyways.
Posted 11/8/09
You can get sum online tutoring nd stuff for photoshop nd stuff!

WOOT Super Junior!!
Posted 11/8/09

i like the background of it too. XD i just, LOVE yours. btw, i'm still prob gonna switch mine back to the one you made me. =)
Posted 12/2/09
i love ur avii.
<3hyun joong<3
Posted 12/13/09
eh nice avi o.o you look 11
Posted 12/28/09

rosuto_omoide wrote:

eh nice avi o.o you look 11

Lol. Thx. That pic's like...from last year when I was twelve. =)
Posted 12/28/09
Oh woops, forgot to compliment it =]
anywho, ur hairs cool. I like the dye colour in it =]
Posted 12/28/09

ashley_sun1458 wrote:

Oh woops, forgot to compliment it =]
anywho, ur hairs cool. I like the dye colour in it =]

eh thanks but dad doesn't like it, he says it makes me look like a girl umm
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