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20 / F / In another dimens...
Posted 5/30/10 , edited 5/30/10

mrin wrote:

dazzely13 wrote:

mrin wrote:

dazzely13 wrote:

what you want written on it: Margie-chan
long and thin or otherwise: tall & thin
which mod: mrin
colour scheme: purple?? or orange??
proof of inviting: i invited 5 people... how can I get my proof?
brushes: surprice me
want it cropped: yes

could you please change the image. it very low quality. thanksss again.

Is this okay?

btw, can u change the text to dazzely13 and add rima on it!! Thanks!! :)

here you issss.

isnt tha good,, if you want any changes, just ask. and request soon.

you get proof by taking a screenshot.
press prt sc on your keyboard, open paint and click edit, paste. you'll have an image of your screen .

it's okay.......... and thanks for telling me how to do screenshots...
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22 / F / any where
Posted 8/1/13 , edited 12/24/14
what you want written on it: Nina
long and thin or otherwise? long and thin
which mod anyone~ ^^
colour scheme: red
proof of inviting

brushes? yes
want it cropped? yes
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