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This story takes place shortly before "Memento Mori".


Redona LATN Rooms

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Finis Valorum ~ Dmitri's Story: Chapter 1

Dmitri Valenti was in negociations with Nirvanism Maesters V. N. Vinealent and Karl Bates at St. Sutherland's Peak, an Order facility, when an aide named Erin ran in. Dmitri could sense Erin's uneasiness.
"Something wrong?" asked Dmitri.
"There's been an attack on Atlantis Natura Deorum," panted Erin.
This news startled everyone in the room.
"And what of the inhabitants...?" asked Vinealent cautiously.
"A couple Elder Gods along with a lot of gods and angels died. Elder Gods Hallelujah and Alleluia have gone missing, as has Archangel Evan Nigel and a few gods and angels."
"Who attacked them?" asked Karl.
"Multiple factions from different realms. The main assault was led by...." Erin looked down at the ground.
"Tell us who," ordered Dmitri politely.
"It was Matthau Ashford."
Matthau Ashford had been the second-in-command of The Order. Through his many years, he had served three Coordinators: Lucas Darling, Sebastin Darling, and, of course, Dmitri Valenti.
"And what has happened to him?" asked Dmitri.
"Elder God Bloodpool reports that he was slain by Evan Nigel shortly before Evan Nigel and Yaduri's forces fled from Atlantis. They also want to speak with you."
"The Elder Gods?"
Suddenly Dmitri found himself in an empty plain, an nihilistic barren of white. Ten Elder Gods sat before him.
"Dr. Dmitri Valenti, Coordinator of The Order," said the center figure, Elder God Rumelius. "We are the remaining Elder Gods of Atlantis. As you've been informed, your second-in-command led the attack on our sanctuary, killing many of our brethern. You are here to stand trial for what he has done."
"Me?" questioned Dmitri. "I have done nothing. You know as well as anyone that I've always been a supporter of Atlantis. The only time The Order has been against you was reasonably justified, which was during The Great God War when you slaughtered so many hybrids."
"Do not insult us, neph-" An Elder God began.
"Silence, Luvette," snapped Elder God Bloodpool.
The Elder God, Luvette, went quiet immediately.
"Anyways," continued Rumelius. "We, the remaining Elder Gods, are suspicious that The Order plans to destroy us. Us, whom govern realms and carry out peace."
"And carry out genocides," muttered Dmitri.
"The Great God War was Izen's and Darmadia's fault," argued an unidentified Elder God.
"I wasn't talking about that. I've read Magnus Nightstriker and Noah Darling's notes. When you combine them with Daniel's Journal and the Rac L. letters, it's discovered that Atlantis was conquering and annihilating realms." While Dmitri could sense their nervousness with Hawkeye, Dmitri could tell that the Elder Gods were hiding something. "It was true, wasn't it. That's what happened during the missing days of the Egrigori Multi-Dimensional Expedition. The EM-DE was invading realms."
Bloodpool finally spoke. "What you say is true. We once did that. It was Heine's* dream to unite all the realms under one rule. He intigrated beings of conquered realms into the Mystic Realm and laid was to those who defied him. However, the last ones to have that belief were Mystia and Darmadia. Since then, we've done nothing of the sort."
"And how can anyone trust you? We have no proof."
"As do you have no proof that your group doesn't mean us any harm," commented a female Elder God.
"Hm, I think I know how to work this out," said Rumelius. "Dr. Valenti, if you do a task for us, we'll tell you the truth about the war between Heine and Xaltienne**, and why Heine began his conquest."
Dmitri felt no lies in Rumelius' offer. It was genuine. But what of the task?
"What is it you want me to do?" asked Dmitri.
"There were two maps found in Matthau Ashford's possessions. One was to a lab in Sibilis. The other was a fortress in Redona. We've already asked Nirvanism Maester M. N. Nairb and her lieutenant to investigate the lab in Sibilis. For you, we'd like you to investigate Redona."
"Why not investigate yourselves or send an angel?"
"We're too busy restoring Atlantis. So, do we have a deal or not?"
Dmitri thought about it for a moment.
"Fine, I'll take you up on your offer."

*Holy Lord
**Blue Satan
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Finis Valorum ~ Dmitri's Story: Chapter 2

"We there yet?" complained Erin.
"Almost," said their guide, Rex Ticó.
Dmitri Valenti, his aide Erin, and a local guide named Rex Ticó were traveling from St. Sutherland's Peak to the settlement Redona. It had taken them half a day to venture around Mt. Theo just to get out of the Southernlands. Finally, on the second day, they were almost there.
"Should be just over that clearing," said Rex.
Rex was correct. As they got to the top of a hill, they saw a city at the bottom of the valley. When he gazed the horizon, he found no path leading down to the settlement.
"How do we get down?" asked Dmitri.
"There's an old trail that leads down to the river," explained Rex. "We'll take a boat straight to Redona."
For the next hour, the group walked down a dirt trail all the way to a small harbor. Strangely, a boat in good condition was waiting for them.
"It's as if someone's expecting us," said Dmitri.
"Dunno," said Rex. "There were quite a few alchemists that lived in Redona before the Incident so it might be enchanted."
"Weren't you told? Hmph, I guess not. Well, a few years back everyone in Redona vanished."
"A ghost town?"
"No, a few people have moved in. Though many gets scared away by the 'ghost of Len Nieta'."
"Who's Len Nieta?"
"Geez, were you told anything? Len Nieta was the lord of Redona."
Dmitri, Rex, and Erin got onto Everybody's Boat. Automatically, it began moving by itself.
Ten minutes later, Everybody's Boat docked at Non-Existent Dock. When they got off Everybody's Boat, the boat sailed back towards the other dock.
"There goes our ride," sighed Erin.
"Hm, let's try to find Mr. Enüe," said Rex. "He's the current harbor master."
As Rex went to find Rag Enüe, Dmitri spotted a sign. It showed a map of seven locations in Redona: The Rook, The Gourd, The Nest, The Clock Tower, The Garden, The Spire, and The Maw. The header said "Redona LATN".
LATN? wondered Dmitri.
As Dmitri walked away, the letters of the header rearranged.

Rex peeked inside a small cabin near Non-Existent Dock. Rag Enüe was no where to be found.
"Where is he?" wondered Rex. "He was suppose to be ready for us."
Outside, Rex heard gunshots.

Dmitri was about to look for Rex when a figure in a white uniform appeared. Erin was equally startled.
"Who are you?" demanded Dmitri.
"Me?" mocked the figure. "Isn't it rude to introduce oneself before asking another for their name?"
"Fine, my name is Dmitri Valenti. What's yours?" He did it a little snotty out of irritation.
"I am the master of this domain," said the figure. "And you are not welcome."
Master of this domain? Then that means this is Len Nieta, thought Dmitri.
Len took out a bow.
"Hunt, my dear Artemis," muttered the figure.
The figure jumped up onto the roof of a house. He then shot two arrows made of electricity. Dmitri's Hawkeye allowed Dmitri to easily dodge it.
"Erin, let's..." Dmitri began.
Dmitri then noticed Erin. The aide was standing on the wooden docks, an arrow through the heart.
"Dm... i... tri..." muttered Erin.
Erin fell back, crashing into the water. Dmitri was running to the water to see if he could save Erin when the figure shot a couple arrows at Dmitri. Dmitri had to surrender his rescue of Erin to avoid being hit by the arrows. As Dmitri ran, he took out his two handguns. Right before taking shelter behind a building, Dmitri fired all the bullets in the magazines at the figure.
The figure was hit a couple times but jumped down to the ground. He then charged at Dmitri's hiding spot.
"You lose!" snarled the figure.
Due to Dmitri's Hawkeye, Dmitri could sense the figure just as he turned the corner and pulled the trigger of his reloaded guns. Two bullets went shot the figure in the chest.
"Me? Defeated?" stammered the figure as he took a couple steps back. "This isn't good. I can't be defeated. Now the others will laugh at me..."
The figure faded into ashes, strangeling just as a Nobody does when they die.
"A Nobody?" wondered Dmitri.
Dmitri walked back to the Non-Existent Dock. Rex came running towards him.
"What happened?" asked Rex.
"A Nobody of Len Nieta killed Erin," said Dmitri.
"Where is he now?"
"I killed him."
"Oh. Well, that's good."
Suddenly Dmitri felt an emense amount of rage eradicate from the domed building the map identified as The Nest.
"Something wrong?" asked Rex.
"Hard to say," answered Dmitri. "All I know is that something really angry is inside that building."
"Hm, I wonder what."
Dmitri and Rex went to look for Rag Enüe.
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Finis Valorum ~ Dmitri's Story: Chapter 3

The town, as rumors had it, a ghost town. No one could be found. During their search, Dmitri read the scrunched up piece of paper found in the remains of Len Nieta's Nobody.

Vader Report 03
LATN is finally complete. I've met some of the others by now. The other chief scientists are Dilan Pi Rie, Ash Nara, Rae Quo, Nora Derde, Lumis Barr, Rag Enüe, Gin E. Torso, Ester Pino, and Cedric Aduella. Rae's wife, Teel, is such a pain, just like Dilan's son. At least they aren't lovey-dovey like Lumis Barr and his two succubi assistants: Ciosso and Ino.
Len Nieta got it moved to Redona. He's very eager to begin experimentation. Tomorrow is when we begin. I pray that we don't die in the process.

Dmitri wondered what 'it' was. Could it be some kind of superweapon or a monster? Some of the best alchemists in the world had supposively worked during a time at Redona so it could possibly be a chimaera. Still, Dmitri wondered if 'it' was what he had sensed earlier.
"This isn't looking good," said Rex. "Rag was no where to be found."
"Rag as in Rag Enüe?" asked Dmitri.
"That's right."
"I thought everyone vanished?"
"He was one of the people at Ovan's castle when it happened. He's been living here ever since. I hope nothing has happened to him."
"Where's his house?"
"He usually sleeps at Non-Existant Dock but he has a house around here. I think it's one block down."
Rex led Dmitri to a house. What shocked both was that the gate had been broken off and the door smashed in. Dmitri immediately took out his guns: Hope and Despair. Rex unsheathed his broadsword.
"Be on your guard," warned Rex.
Rex and Dmitri cautiously walked into the house. Tables were broken and furniture turned ever which way. No sign of Rag Enüe.
"Maybe he wasn't home when this place got attacked," said Rex with hope.
Dmitri didn't think so. It felt wrong. He sensed death and deciet. It didn't make sense.
Dmitri felt a drip of water fall on his face. He rubbed his hand against it.
The drip was blood, not water. When Dmitri looked up, he saw a body nailed to the ceiling. He couldn't help but gasp.
"Oh, my god," gasped Rex.
Dmitri eyed two pieces of paper near a desk. One was a report with the same handwriting as Vader Report 03. The other had different handwritting, which Rex identified belonged to Rag Enüe. Dmitri read them both.

Vader Report 02
Len Nieta invited me to work with him in an organization he's founded called Organization V. He plans to experiment on what we found in the tomb. He's even began construction on a site for Organization V. It's been dubbed Land at the Naught, or LATN for short, since it resides at the bottom of Naught's Valley. A town called Redona is also being build around it. Personally, I don't like how it's built at the bottom of a valley; there's only two exits: the Stream of Consciousness and the Train of Thought.
Looking at the schematics (see attached page), LATN composes of seven facilities: The Rook, The Gourd, The Nest, The Clock Tower, The Garden, The Spire, and The Maw. The Rook is Len Nieta's castle, a private sanctum full of twists and mazes. The Gourd is the water treatment facility and hydrolic generator; upon further inspection of the schematics, there's a lot of missing space that I believe may hold same of Len Nieta's covert workings. The Nest is where all of the staff sleep; grimmly, The Nest will also house the test subjects. The Clock Tower, besides being a clock tower, has a thirteen-floor library; Rey told me something about a basement but the schematics show nothing. The Garden is a space between the other six facilities and consists of a glass forest and white rose flowerbeds; Len Nieta seems almost obsessed with the colors white and black. The Spire is a behemoth cylindrical skyscrapper; don't know much more than that. The Maw is a giant ranch that is going to be run by Rae Quo and his wife Teel Quo.
Working at LATN is going to be confusing. All the rooms of the seven facilities are dimensionally linked. I could be in The Spire, walk through a door, and find myself in The Rook. I wonder if there is even a system to the doors.

"Where to now?" asked Rex.
"The Nest," answered Dmitri.
"Any particular reason?"
"Just a feeling."
Dmitri walked out of the house. He let Rex torch the place, to allow Rag some sort of funeral. Later, as they walked towards The Nest, Dmitri said "Something's not right here. I've had a strange sensation coming from this place. Most importantly, I want to know why the Elder Gods didn't want to send a god or angel."
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Finis Valorum ~ Dmitri's Story: Chapter 4

Dmitri and Rex didn't have to walk very far to get to The Nest. The door was locked but Dmitri used his gun to shoot it. They went through the door to arrive at Somebody's Foyer. There were two doors to either side of them, along with a door in between the stairs that led to the second floor along with four doors on the second floor that were visible behind the simplistic wooden railing.
"Wow, this place sure is huge," commented Rex. "If this is the foyer for the dorms, I can't imagine what that castle's foyer must be like."
"I think this is the castle," said Dmitri, pointing at the small plaque labeled 'THE ROOK - SOMEBODY'S FOYER'.
"Which door do you want to go through?"
"If each door brings us to a different place at this facility, I don't think it'll matter." Dmitri chose the door between the stairs. They were now in the Gallery of Memories. The walls were clottered with pictures of scientists and many people Dmitri didn't recognize. Surprisingly he found a portrait of Noah de Acedia in one of them.
Near the other door was a portrait of three people. Dmitri led the golden plaque: 'Len Nieta with assistants Podara and Aaric'.
So that was Len Nieta, thought Dmitri.
Dmitri drew his attention was about to head towards the door with Rex when he noticed a piece of paper stuck behind a portrait of the couple Maxin and Gölgesi Drei with their son Tim. It was a Vader Report.

Vader Report 05
I was affected. As had Len Nieta. He's suffering greatly. Neither Rey or I went through that. At least, I hope we won't.
All experiments have been put on hold. It's not going to be wasted though. It wasn't done earlier so Len Nieta has split up all the staff into five ranks. The top rank, Len Nieta's, is Nihilista Primera. Being Len Nieta's second-in-command, I'm Nihilista Segunda. All the chief scientists are Nihilistas Treceras. The scientists are Nihilistas Cuartas and assistants are Nihilistas Quintas.
When I'm not busy, I've been translating what was in the tomb. From what I've read, it mentions a door to sin and the fall of jealousy by light. I'm still looking for the identity of the person in the coffin. All I know is that the skeletal remains are from an angel.

Affected? What were these people researching? wondered Dmitri. Hopefully not a virus. But then again, it sure sounds like a virus.

Finis Valorum ~ [unknown]'s Story: Chapter 4

A person in a black uniform walked into Everywhere Yet Nowhere. A small boy in a white uniform was already in there, putting up a game of chess. However, the boy only put one piece of each kind on the board: a pawn for each side, a rook for each side, a knight for each side, a bishop for each side, a queen for each side, and a king for each side. He then put a glass piece, different from the rest, in the middle of the board.
"I'm surprised you accepted my boss's invitation to this game," said the unnamed person.
"Orders from above," replied the boy.
The person looked at the boy closer. "Have we met?"
"There's a possibility. I am, after all, one of Las Alquimistas del Siete Sietes: Vaciar. I could say the same about you."
The person changed the topic by asking "shall we start the game?"
"Most certainly."
Vaciar picked up his white pawn and put it next to the glass piece.
"Let the games begin," said Vaciar.

Finis Valorum ~ Dmitri's Story: Chapter 4

Rex had just stepped into the next room when the door suddenly slammed shut. Dmitri tried to open it but to no avail. He was trapped in Gallery of Memories. Unless of course he exited from where he had entered.
Dmitri was walked doors the first door when a waterpaint portrait of Umbra Drauest, former King of Lemures and father of Wyatt and Kairi, began to deform. The paint dissolved to reveal a door. A man in a uniform similiar to Len Nieta's walked out. Dmitri recognized the person from one of the paintings.
Maxin Drei.
"Looks like I get first dibs," snickered Maxin.
Maxin's ring glowed and a trident appeared in his hand. Dmitri drew his guns though he guessed that Maxin's trident might be more deadly if it got close to Dmitri.
Maxin charged at Dmitri. Dmitri managed to dodge to the left but slammed into a large portrait of Ash Nara. Nails popped out as the painting began to fall. Dmitri jumped from under it just in time but the top smacked Maxin's shoulder's causing him to drop the trident. Maxin was reaching for his trident when Dmitri pressed a gun to Maxin's head.
"Don't move," threatened Dmitri. When Maxin raised his hands, Dmitri continued. "Who are you?"
"Damin Rie, son of Dilan Pi Rie."
"Don't lie to me, I saw your portrait with Gölgesi and Tim. Your name is Maxin Drei."
"True. That is to say, after 'it' changed me, I became a new man. Thus I identify myself as Maxin Drei."
"Whatever. What did you mean by 'first dibs'?"
"Because I was played first."
Maxin tucked his foot under the trident and kicked it up into the air. He caught it and was about to swing backwards when Dmitri pulled the trigger. Maxin fell down dead, fading into ashes.
"That got me no where," sighed Dmitri.
A ring appeared on Dmitri's left pinky. It was black with the letter 'P' on it.
A ring? wondered Dmitri.
The second door reopened. Rex came back into the Gallery of Memories.
"Are you alright?" asked Rex.
"I'm fine," replied Dmitri. "Where to next?"
"Way to Oblivion."
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The moon was shining brightly and the night was alive with sounds of the forest.

Athena walked down the dirt path, the twigs and leaves crunching under her feet. A long, thin bladed sword was clutched in her hand.

Soon she could hear the roars and cheering. She stopped in the thicket and observed, hidden from view.

The clearing was alive with noise and cheers, a big, stone throne seat was positioned on the edge of the clearing and a broad, muscular man was seated there, his cheek resting on his fist.

A large group of demons were gathered around the fire, feasting on raw meat and drinking a thick liquid from wooden bowls. From the thick stench in the air, Athena knew it was blood. Her gaze flicked over the human carcasses strewn on the side and knew there had been a hunt tonight.

"Quit hiding and join the party, Athena." The man called out, not even looking in her direction.

Athena's eyes widened before narrowing again, why was she surprised, after all Razac had always been 'that' good.
She walked out into the clearing.
The demons turned and looked at her, howls and hoots filled the night air. She ignored them and focused on Razac.

"I have come to accept the challenge. I am not such a coward as you think, Razac."
"So I can see." Razac said with a wide smile. "You have finally stopped hiding behind father's shadow, good to see that ." He stood up. "You also remember the second part of the deal?"

"If I beat you, you will vanquish your right to the throne."

Razac nodded, his smile widening. "And if I beat you, you will vanquish your right to the Twin swords."

The sword in her hand began to hum softly. She held it up. The blade sparkled in the moonlight. Razac's eyes glinted greedily as he watched it.
"I accept." She said.
"Let's begin." He said silkily.

She took a step forward and then dodged to the side as a demon lunged at her. Trust Razac to play it dirty, but she had been expecting it, hell, she had almost anticipated it.
She spun on her toes and there was only a glint of metal before the demon's head flew off his shoulders, she launched forward.

Razac watched as she made her way through the horde of demons, her body moving in a graceful, lethal dance as she cut, slashed and sliced through the pack towards him.

His hand shot forward and he caught his lieutenant's head in his hand. "Very good." He said, bouncing the head in his hand. "I'm suitably impressed. Lumiere's power is indeed a force to be reckoned with." He said.
Athena came to a stop in front of him, breathing heavily. "Lumiere is merely a tool." She said.

Razac let out a bark of laughter. "We both know thats a foolish statement." He said.
Athena didn't reply as she raised her sword and pointed it at him. "You'll never understand, Razac."

Razac stepped forward so that he was directly facing her. He towered over her, standing at his 8 feet.
"Then let's find out how wrong I really am, little sister." He said and suddenly sprang forward.
The crushing blow to her mid section sent her flying into the trees.
She managed to flip in air so that her feet hit the thick tree trunk instead of her back, she used it as a support and shot back towards Razac.
He grabbed a tree and ripped it off it's roots and swung it at her.
Lumiere blazed and Athena angled her sword, cutting the tree into two.
Razac kicked her but she managed to skillfully dodge it.
She raised up Lumiere and slashed the air, an energy arc flew straight at Razac.
He flipped back and swung his stone throne at the energy bolt, causing the chair to crumble to dust.
He shot forward at fast speed and Athena jumped back, dodging his blows.

She blocked a kick with the flat of her sword but the strength of his kick sent her skidding back and slamming against a big rock, leaving her gasping for breath. Razac walked purposefully towards her.

She looked up at the sky where the moon shone brightly.
She held the blade up in both her hands and raised it towards the sky. " Wrath of the Dancing Moonlight." She called out as her blade began to shine a dazzling white.
Suddenly the area around them began to brighten.

Razac's eyes glinted evilly and he smiled widely, "Calling on the power of the swords, just as I thought."

All around the scenery seemed to waver and tilt as he walked. Athena was standing in front of him and he dashed towards her but no matter how much he ran, he couldn't reach her.
"Heh, the Moonlight illusion." He grinned and grimaced as he felt the cut appear on his left side, he turned his head but Athena was standing a good distance away to his right.
"Very impressive." He called out and tried to dodge the slashes but since he couldn't see her, he was at a disadvantage.
"So little sister, you learned how to wield the swords." Razac said and staggered back as a cut appeared on his chest. "But you and I both know I'm the rightful master. You are nothing but a disgrace to the family name. Father was most disappointed when the swords chose you."

"That's not true." The voice called from somewhere to his right and he grinned. So Gullible.
Athena gasped as his massive hand closed around her neck and her illusion broke.

"Hah!." Razac yelled out triumphantly and Athena was lifted off her feet, she started to raise her sword but before she could raise it, he knocked it out of her hand, Lumiere clattered away, the white light fading.
"It's over." He said. His eyes glinted.
No...' She thought, gasping for breath and her hand went to her back.
"Yes...You'll use it wont you." He whispered. "Go on."
Her hand closed on the hilt attached to her back. She pulled out the black sword.

Razac was blasted back, he dug his claws into the ground, pulling himself to a stop as he looked up at where Athena was standing.

Athena held a pure black sword in her hands and there was a similar aura radiating from her body.
"Yes Noir." She whispered lovingly as she stroked the blade. "It's been a while isn't it." Her eyes flicked over to Razac and a sinister smile appeared on her lips. "You're craving blood, aren't you?" She cooed to her blade as it hummed in her hand.

Razac let out a whoop of laughter as he stood up. "The power of the black blade is truly as seductive as the legend says. You've already lost little sister. The wielder of Noir is nothing but a slave to the sword."

Athena tossed her hair and smiled, holding up the sword, "Lets fight, to the death, big brother."
Razac smiled and slowly he began to transform, "I had already planned that, little sister." Soon he had completely transformed into his demon form.

The two launched into a fierce fight, too fast to be seen by the naked eye. For a long while neither was able to land a blow on the other then Razac managed to slam a punch on her gut.

Athena crashed on the ground and rolled away as Razac landed there a second later, punching the ground where she had landed, creating a crater. She twirled the sword in her hand and launched forward and began hacking away at him as he swerved and dodged. "More." She screamed as she rapidly slashed at him, "More! More! More!" Noir blazed brightly and suddenly she let out a triumphant scream as her sword managed to nick Razac's arm, drawing blood.

Suddenly Noir began to vibrate fiercely as it tasted its first drop of blood in years.

Razac took a step back, a weary look on his face as his eyes flicked to the blade and back to Athena's face.

Athena smiled and rubbed the blood on the blade, enjoying the look of uncertainty on Razac's face.

"Awaken for me, Noir." She cooed and suddenly the blade let out an ear splitting shriek. Aura began pulsing out

Razac jumped back and yelled out as the black aura engulfed him and began sucking him in like quicksand.
"What is this???" He yelled, trying to get free.
"The power of Noir." Athena said with a sinister laugh. "You were wrong brother, YOU lost the second I drew Noir out. The darkness in your heart is Noir's ultimate weapon and since your heart is impure, the sword will consume you."

Razac let out a roar and fought to try and get free with all his might but the sword continued to draw him in, he let out a scream of agony as Noir began to consume him.

"I am the true wielder of the twin blades, Noir and Lumiere. Me and no one else. They chose me over anyone else on land." She screamed at Razac as he sank to his knees in front of her, gasping in agony.
"Feed, Noir. Finish him. Grant me my ultimate victory over the throne." She yelled, the blood lust shining in her eyes as she watched Razac get killed in front of her eyes.

Finally the lifeless body of the demon fell at her feet, his face twisted in a grotesque scream, she raised her sword in the air and Noir blazed brightly. She reached down and cut off Razac's head. "A suitable trophy for the throne room, don't you think?" She said and smiled, stuffing the head in her bag.
She walked over to Lumiere and stood staring at it, finally she slowly bent down and picked it up. As soon as Lumiere came into her hands, it began to blaze white while the black light of Noir dimmed till it finally faded out.
Athena blinked and stared at the swords, her mind going blank, finally everything slowly came back to her and she began to shake. With a trembling hand she sheathed Noir on her back and sheathed Lumiere to her side.
She turned and left the clearing, heading back towards the stream. In the distance she could see the dark shape waiting for her.
The pegasus tossed his mane when he saw her, hitting the ground impatiently.
"Mission accomplished." She whispered as she untethered him and climbed on top, the pegasus spread his wings and took to the sky.
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