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Animes you DROPPED or felt like complete waste of time
Posted 11/7/09
Shugo Chara
DN Angel.
Vampire Knight.
Theres more but I can't think of any right now..

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31 / M / London, England, UK
Posted 11/7/09
I dropped Bleach because I just totally lost interest.

Dropped Reborn! because it was just turning into a rubbish Bleach clone.

Dropped Shangri-La because it was too political and dull, not my kind of thing.

Felt that Gurren-Lagann was almost a waste of time because it's far too overrated.
Posted 11/7/09
busou renkin-got boring
Inuyaha- got tried of it and had to move on
chaso head-lost intrests but might finish it only 2 epsiodes left
many of the anime above are some of my favorites and i reccomed finishing the
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Posted 11/7/09
Bleach was dropped when people ichigo beat and even after he's trained and upgraded to hollow mask which should have made him far above previously defeated capt's come and wipe out the foe's who soundly beat ichigo into the ground.

lack of continuity is the first thing to make me drop an anime I can put up with a ton of sugary sweet or even long winded story lines (sat through far too many sayan transformations to say otherwise) sometimes a single character will make me watch an entire series simply to see them develop even though the series is not really interesting.

I'd have to say very few Mecha anime manage to keep continuity or they decide to create ridiculous soap operas around the characters making the stories so convoluted you need a score sheet simply to follow them.

escaflowne was another one dropped forget why beyond it got boring.

FMA2 dropped before even finishing first ep : didn't feel like re watching that whole story (wasn't good enough the first time through)

Ichigo 100% : really mindless ecchi harem

Oh my Goddess: could have been 3 ova's to accomplish the same end.
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Posted 11/7/09
Devil May Cry
Code Geass
La Corda D' Oro
Shining Tears X Wind
Paradise Kiss
Shakugan No Shana
Air Baccano
Da Capo
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33 / M / The Infinite Cybe...
Posted 11/7/09
Dropped Naruto, Watched Shippuden
Dropped OKaasan.
Dropped mostly all Bishonen.
Picked up mostly Ecchi (Sue me)
Posted 11/7/09
i tried watching again loveless but then i realized how much i hate it
elfin lied
vampire knight
d.gray man
shugo chara
soul eater
blood +
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27 / F / Right there
Posted 11/7/09
Vampire Knight... another story about mary-sues and gary stu's involving pretty metrosexual vampires, yuki is dumb and pisses me of and i swear that kaname will come out sparkling in the sun i the idea of sparkly vampires wasnt so obviously stupid
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23 / F
Posted 11/7/09
I usually watch animes all the way through unless there s something really wrong in my point of view with them.
I only dropped two that I can think of:
DN Angel - I found no point to it.
Bleach - REALLY boring filler episodes.
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26 / M / some place your n...
Posted 11/7/09
first of all i have to agree with the people who said wow to black lagoon that show was when i watched it and still is in my top 10 but i have a bad habit of starting a show getting like 6-10 eps in then something else will catch my eye and ill watch that and i forget to go back and so i have a huge list of anime that ill either try to get back to when im in the mood to watch them again or i wont watch again cuz they were crap the first time and thats why i stopped watching
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28 / F / Pilipinas
Posted 11/8/09
black blood brothers,fushigi yuugi,saiyuki, and mythical detective loki.
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22 / F
Posted 11/8/09
Shugo Chara!

Kind of a waste!!

And the new season, SC Party!! Lots of various events which is boring. >~<

And they cut the anime show for like 15 mins. =~=
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24 / F
Posted 11/8/09
-Shugo Chara
-Hitman reborn
-Yumeiro Patissiere
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30 / M
Posted 11/8/09
shugo chara and one piece
Posted 11/8/09
D.Gray-Man ... Nothing happens for ages !
Gurren Lagann ... Overrated (^ as Mahzes says)
Soul Eater ... just didn't get this one
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