Questions About Automatic Payment Renewal
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Posted 11/4/09 , edited 11/4/09
I tested crunchyroll during the 2-week trial, decided I liked it and bought a 3-month subscription these days.
Since I regulary forget to cancel subscriptions I thought maybe it would be a good idea for me to cancel the automatic renewal, even though I might stay longer than three months. But the FAQ is a bit confusing for me:

How much do the plans cost?
Currently we are offering special promotional pricing: $6.95 per month, $19.95 every 3 months, or $59.95 every year. For your convenience, this subscription will automatically renew, but you may cancel your renewal at any time. However, by doing so you will lose the promotional monthly rate

So what excactly will happen if I cancel the automatical renewal? Will I have to pay more for the three months that are allready payed?
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Posted 11/4/09 , edited 11/4/09
If you cancel a membership that has less than 30 days remaining, the membership ceases functioning immediately so you will lose the remaining days. But if you have more than 30 days remaining, only the renewal will be canceled so you will be able to utilize the remaining days. You have about 89 days remaining so if you cancel now, you will get the desired result.

The message you quoted which says that you will lose the promotional rate, is there in case we decided to change the prices of membership at any point in time. If you have a renewing purchase, you will always pay the same price but when you cancel, you would have to repurchase at whatever our current price is.
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