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World of Warcraft
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M / Finland
Posted 9/12/10
I have 80Lv human rogue on Emerald Dream EU, 10-man KS etc.
Though I am on a break atm.
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27 / M / Queens, NY
Posted 9/21/10
I got a bunch of 80's but my main is Xace on Area-52. Been playing since release but haven't been hardcore since early WotLK because it sucked ass, but that will change with Cata and 10 man guild with friends..
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32 / F / Kumamoto, Japan
Posted 9/25/10

aenigma626 wrote:

hi, i play world of warcraft,and i would like to use the games "recruit a friend" program.
using it provides both me and the "recruited friend" benefits in the game.
since everyone i know is either already playing or not interested, i am willing to "recruit" a random person into this game. anyone who's interested may ask me to send you the WOW invite from "recruit a friend"

dont worry, you wont have to go buy the game, you are able to download it from thier website (the invite includes a link to the download page). if you are new to the game entirely, i as an experianced player will be by you and answer any questions you may have.
i am only able to have up to 5 WOW apprentices. so you know, you will be on a trial version until you purchase gaming time on a full version. if you liked the game and would like to continue after trial period or would like to upgrade to full version, i may be nice enough to buy two months for you.

so you know, i play in the "exodar" server for the horde. i assure you that the horde is not evil, though a lot of people may think so. though there are nice and not nice people on both sides, many players agree that the "unpleasant" people tend to gather in the alliance, for this reason i recomend new players to start in the horde.

To get the benefits of RAF the person you recruit needs to buy 2 months of WoW, so... they need to buy the Vanilla version of World of Warcraft and then they need to pay for two months of WoW. Then you get free game time and you get the rocket mount or zebra mount.

If you want the benefits you might as well just recruit yourself... especially if you're offering to buy game time for people to get the benefits. Link it to a different email and dualbox.
Posted 10/5/10
Level 70 Blood Elf rogue. I wish she was level 80 T.T On Fizzcrank realm. I'm just realizing now how fail Failcrank is.
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29 / M
Posted 10/6/10 , edited 10/6/10
Level 80 Human Mage Tier 10 Turalyon

I'm currently leveling a Paladin with my GF it's alot of fun level 71 as of this post
(My leveling experience has been almost strictly tanking in Dungeon Finder)
Posted 10/10/10 , edited 10/10/10
Took a break while still waiting for Cataclysm... Did ICC 10 and 25 today after a long, long time and got some upgrades finally. I was starved for them when I was active, lol. At least my GS is at an acceptable 5.5 k now.

(I play a Resto Druid for anybody wondering.)
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26 / F / Phoenix AZ
Posted 11/2/10
Undead Warrior lvl 80, been playing since June of 2005
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53 / F / Middle of the des...
Posted 11/8/10
I play WoW. Have an 80 Draenei DK and an 80 NE Hunter on Cairne. Waiting for Cat to come out so I can make a Worgen and Goblin.
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26 / M
Posted 11/8/10
Kyoren: lvl 80 paladin on Hyjal. Demise Guild. On Hiatus till cata :3
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32 / F
Posted 12/27/10
69 Priestess- BE - Twisting Nether
45? Priestess - Human - Lightning Blade?
and a couple lower lvls i dont even remember.. hunter, pally, mage, dk Haven't played in two years.. starting it back up.
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24 / M / Behind you....wat...
Posted 1/4/11
85 Paladin - Bloodelf - Aszune(EU)
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31 / M / USA
Posted 1/4/11
ok.. well been a wow player for 5 and a half years... i'm on eonar server alliance side, My lvl 85 so far is called rettadin prot pally. I then own a 83 dk, 80 shaman, 80 druid, 80 warrior, 72 hunter, 72 lock, 72 mage, 46 priest and a 16 rogue. yeah getting there in high lvls but when there is boring raiding when everything is done you stop playing a bit... raiding pwns until you hit farm lvl..
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30 / M
Posted 1/15/11
Staghelm (US)
Guild: Misdirected
85 Worgen Rogue (Assassination): Zaküro
83 Human Paladin (Protection): Guren
25 Human Priest (Discipline): Misakä

There are others, but those are the only 3 I really play.
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28 / M / Australia
Posted 1/24/11
there a wow anime?!?!?!
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41 / M
Posted 1/28/11
WoW anime, no way wish i had found thisplace sooner, i have way too many wow toons lol on echo isles, misha and one other realm
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