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Posted 11/6/09
Animal lovers all over the world are fighting for the protection of dolphins and other members of the whale family. But even in "civilized" nations like Denmark, dolphins are massacred on a large scale every year. Humans never fail to exhibit barbarism. Why is the European Union keeping quiet about these atrocious killings? Where is humanity heading to?

The sea is a gory sight with the blood of hundreds of dolphins in Dantesque in the Faroe Islands in Denmark. Killing dolphins is a custom in this place to show entering adulthood(!). No one ever reacts to this show of brutality against the Calderon, an intelligent dolphin species that approaches humans out of friendliness.Oh God, if entering adulthood means being able to develop such a horrendous killer instinct, then I'd rather not grow up at all!

Sometimes it makes me feel that it's a shame to be human.
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