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Posted 11/6/09 , edited 5/3/10


School: [elementary,Middle,high]



Race: [mermaid, witch, etc.]



home world/realm:


Looks: [pic in spoiler pls or, just write something]


pls read this
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Posted 11/7/09


School: [elementary,Middle,high] Middle

Year: uhm 7th?

Persona: happy-go-lucky, the girl-next-door type

Race: [mermaid, witch, etc.] Witch, but looks like a normal girl

Powers: healing and understanding animal speech

Ability: [kann also b a talent]: Sing to soothe peoples thoughts

home world/realm: Earth

weapon: her crystal ball

Looks: [pic in spoiler pls or, just write something]

Bio: She has lost her parents from an unknown accident, so she is staying with her Aunt, who is a powerful scorccer. The only memento of her parents is the crystal ball that she treasures.
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Posted 3/17/10 , edited 5/3/10
Name: Audrey Daphne Zabini

age: 14 turning 15

School: [elementary,Middle,high] Middle

Year: 8 to 9.

Persona: slightly cynical, sarcastic

Race: witch, shapeshirfter

Powers: flying magix, time magix, space magix, elemental magix, hypnotising magix, musical magix, doll charmer, sound magix, and others

Ability: shapeshifting, wandless magix, mental magix, doll charming

home world/realm: Magic world

weapon: scythe, arrows, whatever she can get her hands, wand

Looks: her hair is currently orange and cyan

Bio: Audrey is a witch on the verge. She's out in the human world and ready to have some serious fun.

Posted 5/4/10 , edited 7/22/10
Name:Haruka Ketsueki


School: [elementary,Middle,high]high

Year: 10th?

Persona:Charming,Sarcastic, smart,lonely,depressing, shy but nice once you get to know her

Race: [mermaid, witch, etc.]: half cat girl, half witch

Powers: hypnotic powers, teleportation through time & space, controll of the elements, shapeshifting, healing & talking to animals

Ability/Talent: she can easily manipulate people into doing her bidding

home world/realm:Magic world

weapon: Whatever she can find, but she always carries a wand

Looks: [pic in spoiler pls or, just write something]

Haruka pretends to be happy and outgoing on the outside, but is depressed and twisted. She is slowly turning evil. The reason behind he dark side is her family were murdered in front of her by the fairy king at age 3. Haruka is a genius and can master anything she puts her mind to . A weapons& magic expert she is almost undefeatable in battle. She keeps people at a distance,and even though she is beautiful she cuts herself screaming " i wish i was pretty" She in love with the fairy prince,who she has met in person 3 times,but will not accept it and cuts herself longer and deeper. She is extreamly sarcastic and charming,but denies almost every boy who asks her out
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