drama where girl gets revenge.. know any?
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Posted 11/6/09
Hii all, recently I've been looking for dramas/movies where the lead girl gets revenge (or is trying to) for something that ppl have done to her/family in teh past. I haven't seen any such drama and would be so grateful if anyone can give me suggestions.... (esp. if it is a romance drama). I hope i explained it right...

like.. say: she used to be weak/ugly/fat/poor and then becomes strong/pretty/rich and wants to get back at people who wronged her.... oh like "200 lb of beauty".. thats the only one i can think of.

please please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Posted 11/6/09 , edited 11/6/09
LIFE I'd say would be one..
I never saw the end so I don't know if she
actually got revenge but she probably did.
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Posted 11/7/09
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