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Posted 11/7/09 , edited 11/8/09
If any of you are looking for a great PvP game similiar to Gunz but without the annoying ass Butterfly, lawnmover etc etc why not try out S4 league?

The game consists of three different game modes.

TouchDown (TD for short), which revolves in grabbing the "Fumbi" (Ball) and scoring it at the enemies zone.
Easy peasy, except for the god damn Senty Nells (Stun if you get in close range) and people with snipers, revolvers and tons of other weapon arsenals blasting at you.

Chaser, revolves around 1 person being the chaser with a huge grim reaper following him/her around, and whenever you kill someone you get points and the survivors job is to escape or throw the chaser off of the map (Only works on some.) You can kill the chaser, certainly, but he has a huge boost in HP, reloads faster and moves faster than everyone else.

Deathmatch (DM), is just like any other game, tho it is a Team Deathmatch and every kill awards your team with a point, and every kill they get they recieve a point.
Quite fun as the maps are wicked, camp spots located everywhere THO easily reachable (unless they have fly) where as you need someone with ranged to take them down.


Above is my character, just thought i'd toss out how you can, for example, customize your character a bit. o.o
Tons of different choices and all have same stats so go at it and find your own look. ^^
Check it out anyway, I suck at reviews but it's truelly a great game. :)

PS: Bothic is my ingame name, add me to friendlist if any of you feel like playing.

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