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Posted 11/7/09
This is just like the forum "I am cute when..." if you've already seen it. Except, you need to finish the sentence, "I love..." this forum will get people to know eachother better in this group. <3 You can post more than once in a row letting people know what you absoloutly love.
I love to watch hockey.
I love to babysit.
I love playing with my Xbox 360.
(those examples aren't completly true of what I actually love)
Posted 11/8/09
I Love Pocky :DDDDD
Posted 11/8/09
omg! same!!!
Posted 11/8/09
omg! same!!!
Posted 11/8/09
i'm getting hungry =P
anywho, i love badminton.
azn that thinks their cute
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Posted 4/3/10
I love pocky
I love my Friends!
I love Party!
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