Info About Licensed Anime
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Posted 11/8/09
Dear crunch,

I need some info about licensed anime, i am working in the netherlands to get some anime un licensed or going to buy a licensed for the anime.
but all over the internet i dont find the info where i need to go and to who i must talk about licensed anime.
so can some 1 give me a site adres where u can discus this, and solve this.

greetz dark
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Posted 11/8/09
Sorry, I don't think there would be any site that says how to gain licenses nor is there any guide a person would be able to give. Basically in any business endeavor you need to gain credibility and be able to deliver on whatever service you want to provide before companies will do business with you.
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Posted 11/23/09
In addition to what BK said, it's not like an individual can acquire a license like a deed on paper. Licensing involves distribution rights, and assumes that if you acquire the license, you are capable of distributing it through the appropriate channels. Unless you have the resources to win the bidding (i.e. capital, credibility, character), I don't think it will be that simple to acquire licenses from the said TV companies.
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