Sage Mode
Posted 11/8/09 , edited 11/8/09
Can som1 explain to me about how this Sage Mode thing works.

How does this benefit Naruto's techniques. I've also heard that Naruto has this technique perfected unlike Jiriya.

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Posted 11/11/09 , edited 11/11/09
From what I know, Sage Mode gives certain... characteristics of a frog. Such as heightened speed (frogs are fast!). According to Wikipedia (no idea the link though), it also gives heightened combat abilities, so strength, speed, etc.
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Posted 11/13/09 , edited 11/13/09
okay, the frog thing is more or lessa possible side effect, as naruto has no frog characteristics, they say he has the perfect sage mode compared to his mentor, jirayia. what sage mode does it incorportates the energy found in nature and adds its to your physical energy and chakara ergo... more power. with that he gets stronger attacks, more stamina, better regenerative ability(to human, kyubi regen is still way better), as well as hieghtened senses... if u read the manga, when naruto fights pain he's almost as good of a sensor type in sage mode as that wierd girl who's teamed in sauske crew as he can sense everyone in he village and figure kakashi ah... health status.
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