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Do you hate Hinamori(Momo)?
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22 / F / A Dark Room
Posted 4/21/10 , edited 4/21/10
I hate Momo, she is like, "I hate you Toshiro, you killed Aizen!" Then she goes saying "Don't kill Captain Aizen." She is in love with Aizen, so obvious and she is god damn annoying! Sorry if my views contradict yours.
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118 / M / as far away from...
Posted 4/21/10 , edited 4/22/10
Yes, Hinamori is a useless character. I hope she dies. Oh wait, I think she is dead! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
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26 / M
Posted 4/23/10 , edited 4/23/10

i-dont-need-a-name wrote:

I don't hate her at all. I think she's very sweet but just misunderstood.
It's sad that not many people understand where she's coming from.
People blame her for caring so much about aizen but they have to realize that he made her that way.
He even said it himself. You can't hate someone because she's naive and easy to manipulate.
And besides, she wasn't the only one fooled by him. He fooled everyone. Hinamori just happened to be his chosen victim.
I feel sorry for her, clearly she's not over him and I don't blame her.

I completely agree with your post.

She gets flack simply for not being one of the bad-to-the-bone warriors. From what I've seen, people's thinking regarding her tends to go like this:

Let's not hate Azien for manipulating her every action. He's too good looking. Let's not care that Kira was just as horrified to find Azien's accomplice Gin was in on the whole thing. (Kira also defended his captain by the way.) No, let's blame Hinamori because of her gentle demeanor and painful experiences. She's useless despite her saving Matsumoto's life in her last battle.

*sigh* I'm not crazy about her, but I can't help but feel for her. It's hard to imagine what she's gone through.
Posted 4/23/10 , edited 4/24/10
Boooo she's boring and not cool; she is not BAD -TO- THE -BONE!
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21 / M
Posted 4/24/10 , edited 4/24/10
Posted 4/24/10 , edited 4/25/10
i don't like her at all
Posted 6/24/10 , edited 6/24/10
NO. i dont hate her a bit
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21 / F / Under a box. :3
Posted 6/24/10 , edited 6/25/10

chrome_mist wrote:

I hate Hinamori Amu, not Hinamori Momo.

Lolz, haha, yerr funny! xDDD

And oh i like Momo there's no point in hating her, i mean protecting her aptain is what she thought was right. (; All Vice-captains have a duty to protect their captains. :3
But now she seems like she got over the Aizen thing. xD
Posted 6/26/10 , edited 6/27/10
I don't really care about her. If she dies, it doesn't bother me.
Posted 11/10/10 , edited 11/11/10
Maybe it's because I don't like Aizen, maybe it's because my opinions are weird, but I think Hinamori is awesome, and just because she's mentally unstable, you shouldn't stack all the blame on her. It's not like you wouldn't break down if someone you looked up to for FORTY YEARS suddenly turned his back on you.
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19 / M / Singapore
Posted 11/17/10 , edited 11/17/10
I like Hinamori. I don't get why you guys hate her. =/
Come on,she came in 6th in the 4th Character population poll. >->

I think she's just confused about her annoyance and such. She probably respects Aizen as her captain,so she was probably in a loss when she found the 'dead corpse' and wanted to blame whoever who has done it. Since Aizen wrote a message to sabotage Hitsugaya,she just went after him. I believe Hinamori asked Hitsugaya not to kill Aizen as she was 'in a mess' during the time when they thought Aizen was dead,and now she realised what Aizen has done. As he's her ex-captain and the fact that he acts like a good person,I think Hinamori is just too used to his kindness.

Do I need to say more?
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23 / F / Sydney, Australia
Posted 11/21/10 , edited 11/21/10
I like Hinamori. I think she's one of the cutest and nicest character in the series
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28 / M / New york
Posted 3/20/11 , edited 3/20/11
I Love Momo, she's awesome. I don't see why anyone should hate her for caring about someone like Aizen, she was just confused and didn't understand what happened.
Posted 3/20/11 , edited 3/20/11
I like momo. It's clear that her earlier actions in the series were because she was brainwashed by aizen, much like everyone else. She isn't weak and useless unlike other characters. Her zanpakuto toubime is powerful and she has scary kido skills.
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28 / M / Slovakia
Posted 4/9/11 , edited 4/9/11
Yes, i hate her.
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