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Dinner Guests
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105 / F / Indianapolis, Ind...
Posted 11/11/09
I found this on another forum site, and I thought it was a good question, made me think a bit. If it's a duplicate, delete it.

If you could invite any 10 people, dead or alive, current or from history, to a dinner party, who would you invite?

1. Thomas Jefferson....brilliant political writer.
2. Ghandi.....maybe he could teach us something we don't seem to know yet.
3. Buddah....just in case Ghandi could'nt teach us anything.
4. John Lennon....just because he was a cool dude.
5. Marilyn take all the pressure off of me.
6. Wolfgang Amadeus see what he thinks of todays' music.
7. Stephen King.....why not?
8. Martin Luther dicuss the current US president.
9. Benjamin Franklin....the original American party dude with a brilliant mind.
10 My son....he'd be old enough to attend a party with Marilyn Monroe now...and it'd be a good way to see how
I would have een as a parent.

So who would YOU invite?
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Posted 11/11/09
I'm sorry about your son.

1. Roger Waters
2. Young! Paul McCartney
3. Adolf Hitler
4. "Yukio Mishima" (Kimitake Hiraoka)
5. Lynette Fromme
6. Barack Obama
7. Joseph Stalin
8. Colonel Sanders
9. Theodor Seuss
10. Ed Wood

We'd all be dead by the time it ended but whateva. : D
Posted 11/11/09
1. Tony Jaa, oooh and then I'd spill something on him to make him strip off...
2. Johnny Depp, same as the above
3. Robert Pattinson, same as the above above, but I'd spill everything on him to make him take a shower! *drills hole in wall*
4. Tim Burton, absolute genius.
5. Roger Moore, interesting guy.
6. Patricia Cornwell
7. Harry Potter
8. Obama, I'd get really nervous about what to cook and my house would have to be spotless for a priminister!
9. Hiroki Nariyama, he's soooo hot, my fav actor.
10. Makoto Nagano, he's sooo hot! He's won the TV show Sasuke meaning (Ninja Warrior) twice! Hardest assault course in the world.

what a party!
Posted 11/11/09
My good online friends who are alive but live god knows where
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F / Wonderland
Posted 11/11/09 , edited 11/11/09
1. axel rose
2.steven tyler
3.micheal jackson
4.brad pitt
5.tom cruiz
6.bret micheals
7.bon jovi
8.Billy idol
9.Tom Keifer
10.Stephen Pearcy
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77 / Unreachable Dream...
Posted 11/11/09
No one.
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24 / F / >ReaDIn'
Posted 11/11/09
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27 / F / West Ar Rifa`
Posted 11/11/09
2-zuhair bin abi sulma
3-ka'ab bin zuhair
4-khalid bin al waleed
6-micheal jackson
7-marat safin
8-halcali << band
9-anna tsuchiya
10-haruki murakami
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F / Youtube!
Posted 11/11/09
Kim and Aggie.
Posted 11/11/09
I would invite my friends :]
Posted 11/11/09
All of my best friends.
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25 / location location...
Posted 11/11/09
I don't have any friends..
Posted 11/11/09
(。・▽・) Skip the dinner. Let's go to the dance floor. All of whatsome's bhebs are invited.
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M / Nowheresville, MI
Posted 11/11/09

shame_is_a_game wrote:

10.Stephen Pearcy

Like from Ratt? Those guys kicked ass!

My list:
Christopher Walken
Henry Rollins
Smokey Yunick
Robin Williams
Bobcat Goldthwait
Jim Breuer
Clint Eastwood
Clive Cussler
Kamiya Tomoe
Keichi Tsuchiya

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