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Dinner Guests
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33 / M / West Coast, US
Posted 11/11/09
Just a super hot chic that you'll never fuck ever in your lifetime (big tits, etc.). Hmm...
Posted 11/11/09 , edited 11/11/09

Kippu wrote:

6. The 3 men who sunk titanic. [Just so I can slap them across the head and tell them what an idiot they are..]

(。・▽・) Who are they?
A sunken Titanic was an accident, right?
Posted 11/11/09

Kippu wrote:

kyoukoujin wrote:

(。・▽・) Who are they?
A sunken Titanic was an accident, right?

1. The idiot who told the captain to make the ship go even faster than it should be. He thought it would make a great headline in the news if titanic arrived a day earlier. Titanic was going so fast that it didn't have enough time to turn the entire ship around when they finally spotted the ice berg.
2. The watch out crew. If they would have noticed that big giant elephant of an iceberg earlier. They would have been able to turn the ship around.
3. The moron who thought the ship was so strong and thought that it would never sink, so he thought life boats weren't needed and added a few just for show.

Morons that killed hundreds. The accident could have been avoided if it weren't for the morons above. Makes me angry every time I watch the movie >:[

(。・▽・) How frequent do you watch the movie? The romance must be that damn good to watch it all over again.
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24 / M / underwater with b...
Posted 11/11/09
haha i eat dinner for 3-5 min. kinda pointless
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Detective Agency
Posted 11/12/09
1. Grandpa
2. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
3. Jack the Ripper
4. Napoleon Bonaparte
5. Rasputin
6. Yoshito Usui
7. Henry Lee
8. Steven Hawkins
9. random
10. random

and to each I would say....

1. I'm sorry I wasn't able to attend your overseas funeral
2. Can you preaaaaze sign this book?
3. Got'cha!
4. So, were you murdered?
5. What really killed you?
6. Quick, write all you can before you go back to the afterlife!
7. Meet Conan Doyle!
8. *tries very hard to not laugh at electronic voice out of respect*
9 tired....
10. gave up looking for someone else...

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26 / M / Texas
Posted 11/12/09
1. Albert Einstein
2. Richard P Feynman
3. Pope John Paul II
4. Isaac Newton
5. Luciano Pavarotti
6. Leonardo Da Vinci
7.John Lennon
8.Isaac Asimov
9.Charles Darwin
10.Mother Theresa of Calcutta
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105 / F / Indianapolis, Ind...
Posted 11/12/09

Sekushi_Sushi wrote:

I'm sorry about your son.

1. Roger Waters
2. Young! Paul McCartney
3. Adolf Hitler
4. "Yukio Mishima" (Kimitake Hiraoka)
5. Lynette Fromme
6. Barack Obama
7. Joseph Stalin
8. Colonel Sanders
9. Theodor Seuss
10. Ed Wood

We'd all be dead by the time it ended but whateva. : D

Thank you. I appreciate your kindness.
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34 / M / So Cali, OC
Posted 8/17/10
God or Jesus
Posted 9/8/10
Johnny Depp
Joseph Gordon Levitt (Arthur in Inception btw)
Brad Pitt

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26 / F / Australia
Posted 9/8/10
1. Young Frank Sinatra - cos he said "I like intelligent women. When you go out, it shouldn't be a staring contest"...hehehe i wouldn't mind a date with young him XD

2. Michael Angelo - genius in my mind

2. Socrates - another his wisdom

3. Paul Cezanne - just so inspiring :)

4. Jackie Chan - cos he's just awesome XD

5. Russel peters - need some humour XD

6.Leonardo de Vinci - Love him XD

7. My husband...if i knew who he was...or lover...someone i WANT LOL

8. Jense ackles - cos he's dayam hot!! and totally tapable XD LOL

9. Michael Buble - love his voice :)

10. Chris rock...LOL...

and i always have spare seats so...MJ and Eminem XD....

WOW...this would be disastrous LOL
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24 / M
Posted 3/19/11
All my favorite football players.
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