Hatoyama Admits his Asset Management has been 'Sloppy'
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Posted 11/11/09 , edited 11/11/09
Hatoyama admits his asset management has been 'sloppy'

Thursday 12th November, 07:00 AM JST


Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama admitted Wednesday that his handling of his own individual assets was ‘‘extremely sloppy’’ after his management office the previous day submitted a correction on the assets for seven years through 2008 with the House of Representatives.

Hatoyama failed to report his holdings of stocks and other securities in each of the years, and the total amount of their face values of the undeclared assets exceeded 300 million yen. ‘‘As I grew up in a privileged family, my own management of assets has been extremely sloppy. I feel terribly bad about it,’’ Hatoyama told reporters Wednesday evening. ‘‘I would like to straighten myself out.’‘

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