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[K-Pop] Rainbow
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Posted 11/11/09 , edited 8/20/10


~ Pre-debut
Around January 2009, rumors arose about DSP's new girl group, Rainbow, but it was not confirmed until the group was finally revealed on November 3, 2009. It was rumored to be comprised of 7 girls for each color of the rainbow. DSP Media reportedly trained some members of the new band for four years. In late October and early November DSP Entertainment teased a new picture of Rainbow each day and then released a music video teaser for "Gossip Girl" on November 6, 2009.

~ Debut and mini album
On November 11, 2009, the music video for "Gossip Girl" was released. On November 12, 2009, the mini album was released which includes 5 songs. On November 14, 2009, they debuted on Music Core with the group's first single "Gossip Girl".

In early August 2010, Rainbow will release a new digital single. Recently, the company unleashed the new album jacket photo online, and the concept that opposes to the rainbow colours has become a hot topic. It is confirmed that the girls will comeback with a sexy track named 'A' on the 13th of August through KBS Music Bank.


Name: Kim Jaekyung
B-day: Dec. 24,1988
Role: Leader
Height / Weight: 168cm / 45kg
Education: Dongduk Women's University

Name: Oh Seung Ah
B-day: September 13,1988
Height / Weight: 167cm / 45kg
Education: Sangmyung University

Name: Neoul
B-day: May 10,1989
Height / Weight: 164cm / 44kg

Name: Go WooRi
B-day: February 22,1988
Height / Weight: 165cm / 44kg

Name: Jung Yoonhye
B-day: Apr. 14,1990
Height / Weight: 166cm / 47kg
Education: Dongduk Women's University

Name: Kim Jisook
B-day: July 18,1990
Height / Weight: 164cm / 41kg
Education: Hanyang University

Name: Jo HyunYoung
B-day: August 11,1991
Role: Group Maknae
Height / Weight: 160cm / 41kg


Gossip Girl ~
Release Date: 2009.11.12

Track List
1. Not Your Girl
2. Gossip Girl
3. I Believe
4. Kiss
5. 참아볼께요

Release Date: 2010.08.12

Track List
1. A
2. A (Inst.)

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Posted 11/11/09 , edited 11/12/09
To be honest, I couldn't believe DSP would produce this group.
The beginning of their MV reminded me of T-ara.
They look okay in pictures but in the actual MV,
only one of them appeal to me.

The dance is really cute, but let's face it,
majority of kpop of girl/boy groups songs are losing its touch.

KARA is still my favorite DSP group<3

EDIT: the other songs in their album actually sounds
better than Gossip Girl.
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Posted 11/12/09
Good luck with the new group. :P

I don't have much of a interest in this group but Kara is still the number one Alpha female in this ^-^.
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Posted 11/12/09
its like shitty music to my ears :]
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20 / F / Los Angeles
Posted 11/12/09 , edited 2/11/10

I'm addicted to the song :-)

I LOVE Rainbow Join their international Forum
Rainbow is Love

Anyone who bashes has go to be stupid

Even though they never made a music Video for it.. a lot of Rainbow
haters have turned over to liking them because of this song
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22 / F / Netherlands
Posted 11/13/09

hikobuf wrote:

its like shitty music to my ears :]

Posted 11/13/09
Personally, i don't really like their songs, but who knows, i might change my mind after...
However, their 'Gossip Girl' song is stuck in my head;; i keep hearing "I want a gossip girl, I want a gossip girl"
But anyways, they should have debuted in 2010, 2009 is almost over, might as well have a clean start and battle with the other girl groups in 2010 ~
Thats in my opinion...
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Posted 11/30/09
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25 / my bed
Posted 12/5/09
hmm, i'm not that interested... but maybe i will check their songs
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F / My room.
Posted 12/13/09
their song suck! what the hell? i wanna gosshup guurl~ shitty muzik
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23 / F / Miri,Malaysia
Posted 12/13/09
lol but I like the song cause they work hard for this music...

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34 / F / UAE
Posted 12/16/09
Love their song 'Gossip Girl', my fav is Oh Seung Ah
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24 / F / Melbourne, Australia
Posted 12/16/09 , edited 12/16/09
Reminds me of a Thai group called Seven Days~ Also rainbow-themed xD Except 7Days debuted first and are more attractive. ><"

Everytime I hear 'Gossip Girl' ...I have an urge to watch Gossip Girl xD (Nate <3)
I think Rainbow will get better...lets hope so anyway xD I feel they have some potential.
Posted 2/16/10
Their song is horrible but they can actually sing...they've trained for a longer period of time than Kara, and even though i love Kara more, i can't deny the fact that some member of Rainbow can sing better than All of Kara...
Posted 4/5/10
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