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Youtube AMV's??
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F / Florida
Posted 1/28/11 , edited 1/28/11



Some "crap" i made a while back. Love AMVs. Been toying with vegas over the past year.
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23 / M
Posted 1/30/11
This one was probably already posted here, but I'll post it anyways. This one is pretty damn good.


Best AMV I've ever seen.
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F / Florida
Posted 2/10/11
Finally got back around to making AMVs.

A Toradora one to "Steven" by Ke$ha.
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M / Boston, MA
Posted 3/12/11
I made this AMV in honor of Aoi "Queen" Kunieda from Beelzebub:
if youxtube messes with it you can also find it here:
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25 / M
Posted 3/13/11 , edited 3/13/11
My only question for you after you've seen this
Do you know your anime?
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39 / M / South Carolina
Posted 4/5/11 , edited 4/5/11
I just recently started making a bunch of them as a hobby, but Sony Japan has just made it's second complaint about it now, and I think I will stop putting them on the internet. One more strike and they will close my account. They seem to have it out for me for some reason I can't comprehend.
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21 / F
Posted 4/11/11 , edited 4/11/11
I dont Make AMV i enjoy them :3
my fav AMV is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfOWz_RJBz8 (by HeardYouLikeAmvs)
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22 / F / Leaf village
Posted 4/13/11
hate them all. except that the songs they use there are unheard of but extremely sweet. Like the other day i found a yaoi AMV with the song
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25 / M / Bay Area, California
Posted 4/13/11
I don't normally like AMV's, but this one was really nice.

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20 / M / Hikarizaka
Posted 4/13/11
I used to on my old youtube account as a request from someone but the person stopped going on youtube so I stopped however I am currently working on 2.
One about lisianthus from Shuffle! with a song I wrote( I know a good singer) and one which is a mix of anime so far it has death note, naruto, clannad, school days, dgrayman, the world god only knows, yosuga no sora, seto no hanayome, DearS and Chobits the song for it is megumeru cukool remix 2007 by eufonius
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33 / M / Edmonton, Alberta...
Posted 4/13/11
I live for AMVs. Although i don't make them, I am a member of animemusicvideos.org, and it is pretty much your one stop show for AMVs, they have thousands upon thousands. My favourites would have to be the AMV Hell series, and most the of the videos done by Corn Dog Vid Vids.
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33 / M / In Headington
Posted 5/1/11
Hello CR I haven't been on for a while but i have been busy making some of my own AMVs and I know how much you guys love Anime and AMV so i know you will at least give these a look :)

i got 8 in total, some are good, some not so much but if you could take the time to watch them and maybe rate them and add an comment on them on Youtube i would be really great

I also know that for most of them you can see a stamp in the middle of the video, this is due to using a free software to begin with but i recently purchased some video editing software so i would have that come up again

OK here we go

Anime: Soul Eater
Song: Doctor Online
Performed by: Zeromancer


Anime: Hajime no ippo (Fighting Spirit)
Song: Fighter
Performed by: Candlefuse


Anime: D Gray Man
Song: Rusted by the Rain
Performed by: Billy Talent

Anime: Yosuga no Sora
Song: Use somebody
Performed by: Kings of Leon


Anime: Strike Witches
Song: Everyday
Performed by: Bon Jovi


Anime: Seto no Hanayome
Song: Like a Boss
Performed by: The Lonely Island


Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion 2.22 You may (not) Advance
Song: Hero
Performed by: Skillet


Anime: Kuroshitsuji II (Alois Trancy Tribute)
Song: Show me the meaning of being Lonely
Performed by: The Backstreet Boys


Please, Please, Please rate my videos and leave any kind of comment good or bad because without you, the fans, my AMVs are meaningless and I dont wanna feel like i wasted all my time making them only to be shunned and ignored in favour of the AMV created by computer wizzkids with state of the art software

Thanks for reading!!!!
Posted 5/1/11
Don't make them, nor do I listen to them. 99.9% of them use fucking linkin park songs.

Though I did see this really amazing Akira AMV using radiohead. Not sure if I can find it
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34 / M / Quebec
Posted 5/2/11
Is all I did, and probably ever will, as I doubt we'll see an anime as amazing as Madoka Magica to motivate me to make another. I actually went and self-taught myself how to use Premiere for this sole purpose D:

It's not doing so well views-wise, but since there are tons of skilled AMVers out there also making great Madoka AMVs, I didn't stand much of a chance, I bet it all on the originality of my track selections
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37 / M / Small Wooded town...
Posted 5/2/11
Bahh I have grown tired of AMV on you tube.. Nowadays only mindless retards seem to make amvs, and them amv are always of shallow fads, like Naruto, bleach, Soul Eater. What happen to amvs that create a story using the song and the right clips put together. you don't get that anymore.. AMVs have died.. and went the way of the fad-tard.
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