How about an iPhone/iPod touch app?
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Posted 11/12/09
I had a really wild idea while at lunch today. (or maybe it was the burrito interacting weirdly with my digestive system and releasing some sort of psychedelic mood altering chemical into my bloodstream) How about a Crunchyroll iPhone/iPod touch app? Several other non-anime streaming sites (Joost,, ustream, etc.) have 'em and they are quite nice for viewing the content from their respective sites. A CR app would quite simply ROCK. I believe (though obviously can't be 100% certain since I don't really know how CR works "behind the scenes") the iPhone/iPod touch has the necessary stuff to play CR videos (it certainly has H.264 support) And the fact that, e.g. Joost (which also has a Flash player based website) was able to successfully deliver their content through an iPhone/iPod touch app is a good sign. Seriously, you guys should get together with some enterprising developer and write something. I'm still learning the ropes of iThing development so to speak otherwise I'd offer my services. But seriously, I would pay real money for an app such as this, and I'm sure I'm not alone in this.
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Posted 11/12/09 , edited 11/12/09
This is a duplicate, I've seen this before
And that would take a long time..
it's a nice thought but Crunchyroll is hard working and is not a merical worker.
Maybe they will develop it one day but I doubt any day soon.

But hey.. I'm sure a lot of people would download that app ;)
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Posted 11/14/09

I think there's already plans for an IPhone app and we're definitely looking to support more devices. That stuff would take some time though.
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