Posted 11/13/09
I would like people to recommend me a good scary Asian film available on here or elsewhere online to watch fully!

I haven't watched scary movies in a LONG time and I am feeling the urge to watch a good Asian scary film! NEED MY DOSAGE!

The last scary Asian film I watched was...0-0 ummmm...wait...oh shoot forgot something about a girl and a mother moving into a haunted apartment - Japanese - girls falling down the balcony - more like being pushed by possessed mother...dead mother in the closet...Room 3...SOMETHING! *pulls hair*

...yeah ^ as you can see I am deprived!...memory going byebye...

So reply to this topic, drop in the name (possibly a link to it because I am lazy) and talk about your fav' scary film you've watched, Asian, American, British, Russian...any! < so I can watch that too keeekee CONVINCE ME THROUGH YOUR EXPERIENCE!

-Ush (help!)
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Posted 11/13/09
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