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Should Crunchyroll look into Partnering with Microsoft so we can Watch on Xbox Live?
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Posted 1/21/10 , edited 1/22/10
I believe this whould be a great idea because not only can we watch all our favorite dramas and anime on our television( that would be so awesome!)
but the partners in Japan and Korea can receive more revenue from those who join on xbox live. Even for those who dont have an actuall membership should be able to view content through xbox live because those who dont have a membership get commercials that also help support those who run crunchyroll and the partners in Japan and Korea who make it possible for US to view and love. Saying you dont care is just selfish and hatefull to those who support what we love.....anime and our favorite dramas....
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Posted 2/25/11 , edited 2/26/11

mathyu1010 wrote:

i don't care if microsoft is evil or not, I just wanna watch gintama on my 42 inch :D

Do what I do:

Get your laptop, your 42 inch TV and a good HDMI cable.

Plug the cable into your laptop then into your TV (most flat panels have at least 1 HDMI outlet)
Make sure your AUDIO is set to go out the HDMI port (else you will have awesome picture quality, but your sound will be through your laptop speakers )
Enjoy great videos on your great TV

Posted 2/25/11 , edited 2/26/11
Well its would be nice. But maybe buying an old playstation with old firmware and installing linux and boxee.
That gives you hd netflix, cr and serveral other services. Well that's what I want to do
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