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Post Reply Do you miss the old Cartoon Network?
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 9/7/14
Yes, i do as well.... I tried watching it recently and I just couldn't.
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20 / F / HELL
Posted 9/8/14 , edited 9/8/14
Last time I saw CN it just had like 3 or 4 shows repeating... Granted I don't mind adventure time but some variety would be nice...
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26 / M / Greensboro, NC
Posted 9/9/14
yea I do. You can blame the wannabe parents out there for that. Always crying about how their children keep watching it and are exposed to stuff to early for them to know. That's not the show's fault, that's your fault. Tell your own kid not to watch and when they do, pop them upside the head til they get it, however no parent wants to hear how their kid being stupid or ignorant because you as the parent didn't lay down the law.
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Posted 9/13/14
Cartoon Network nowadays is garbage, as said throughout this entire thread XD, but that just means I agree. The old shows were great and lasted in my mind a long time, plus they had meaningful undertones with each episode if you looked at some of the shows the right way. Especially Courage the Cowardly Dog with the episode where a bunny-girl was in an abusing relationship and Courage had to save her. Shows now just don't have that.

Also, Toonami was the main reason I liked anime and back then I didn't exactly have a computer so there was no alternative way to watch it. I loved nearly all the anime shown and was really sad when it ended. I'm glad it's back but it's not the same. I also appreciate that we have the same host, I always thought Tom was cool. I remember he had an Easter Egg in the PS2 game Sly Cooper 2.
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19 / M / Mexico
Posted 9/15/14
Not really, I always have hated that kind of horror draws. I hate that deformed animation
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Posted 9/17/14
old cartoon network damn everyone miss it, i have my favorite character of that era tattooed on my leg, Mr. Johnny Bravo!
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28 / F / England
Posted 9/22/14
yep & toonami
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30 / M
Posted 6 days ago

zebrathinker wrote:

people romanticize that era of cartoons way too much

CN was bad for a while, yeah, but it's coming back in a big way. Or, it has been for a few years really. I mean shoot, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Steven Universe, Clarence, Gumball, etc. There is so much good to choose from, and it kind of pisses me off when people cling to the shows from the past and don't give the new ones a try.

ya gotta move on at some point.

I would have to agree.

I enjoy really enjoy Adventure Time and Steven Universe, especially the depth that their creators are working to create. Other shows I just love the sheer randomness and twistedness such as The Amazing World of Gumball (Not to mention the mix of media), Regular Show, Teen Titans Go, and Uncle Grandpa.

I was actually stuck in the mud once all my favorite shows had gone or were about to go off. Adventure Time had just started airing along with some other shows and I honestly felt a bit betrayed. Then I decided to give some shows a chance and found I actually did like them. I love my shows of the past, but there are still good offerings. Sure, they're not to everyone's taste, but when is anything?

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26 / F / Austin, Texas
Posted 2 days ago
Not anymore. Shows like "Regular Show" and "Adventure Time" had made me return to Cartoon Network. Also, I had been an avid follower of the Adult Swim block since it first started.
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18 / M
Posted one day ago
I always think about it when ever I see it on TV. The old shows will always live on.
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F / Canada
Posted 11 hours ago
Don't have it and our CN is crap as well.
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