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Saya nodded her head then got up
"Im Saya btw" she said smiling with her hand out for a shake
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Kyou: My name is Kyou -takes her hand then suddenly hears a commotion going on outside.-
Werewolf: Go back to where you belong human!
Minase: Get out of my way.
Werewolf: What did you just say to me huh?
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Saya turned her head towards the noise
"Whats going on out there?" she said walking over to see
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*walks around the forest and sighs
there's nothing to do here again
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Kyou: Seems like the werewolves are causing problems
Minase: Out of my way.
Werewolf: What did you say punk?
Minase: -cold blue eyes- i said get out of my way
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"Mhhm I'll go check it out..." she said and walked beside the Werewolf and saw Minase
"What's the problem here?" she asked looking at Minase and the Werewolf
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