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I'll definitely make you fall in love with me. So prepare yourself.

The First Chapter :
Eye Contact

She was too shy, hid in her own shell; didn't have much of any confidence. It was his Senior year now. And she wanted to let herself be known. She was a Freshman. He would be leaving her very soon. Only one more year left for her to win his love. Can she do it?

Skye took her seat in front of Mr, Cole- the Pre-Calculus teacher. She listened better to his lectures from a close distance. Her eyes stayed on his demonstration on the chalkboard. You see, Skye skipped a few grades and classes, if it weren't for that; she wouldn't even be in High school yet, or have any of the upperclassman classes she has now.

Seniors were in her Pre-Calculus class as well, which included a crush since she'd first lay eyes on him.

But he was late today, he had always came to Precalc late as usual. But when he finally stepped through the door, smiling childishly and laughing nervously, her eyes would just bloom, and her heart, and her whole face would turn red. But only for a fleeting two or three seconds, because, if he'd noticed her stare she would get self conscious. She didn't think someone like him, so popular with everyone, would even bother to acknowledge her existence.

Mr, Cole paused his demonstration and set the chalk down. Walking over to the window to let the breeze in. It was getting a bit humid in his classroom.

Skye sighed and looked back at the 14 or so students seated behind her. None of them were him. She was the only student who sat in front of the class. She was an outcast in a way like that.

And for once Skye wasn't paying attention to Mr, Cole. His voice was fading away as he stepped into the room. She didn't pay attention to anyone else in the room, for no one was in there but Skye and Aidan. Her long lasting crush.

The breeze flowed throughout the entire class room, blowing Skye's silky brunette hair about her face. The blush of seeing him had always gotten to her cheeks and softened her heart. She was getting butterflies again. And as always, she hid her face in a book that she always kept when she was finished with homework early and had nothing else to do.

She felt like she was shrinking in her chair, but she watched him from the corners of her eye as he went to take his seat at the back of the classroom.

When he passed through the aisle, she guaranteed that she'd had seen him making even the slightest eye contact with her... or maybe it was just her heart again playing tricks on her.

The Second Chapter :
Not Enough Room

Skye woke up to the smell of pancakes coming from downstairs. It was Tuesday morning and she had school. Today would be another quest to get Aidan to notice her more. At least speak to her for a few couple seconds. That's everything she had dreamed and wished for.

She finished her pancakes and made haste out the door, throwing her book bag over her shoulder and waving away at her parents who stood at the front door. The buss just happened to come into view, making a stop across the street.

When she walked the small 4 steps onto the bus, she felt shy all over again. People made her feel inadequate. The bus was usually always crowed with loud people. The bus driver tipped his hat and welcomed her in with a friendly smile like every morning. She smiled back shyly, and walked across the isle to only find herself pushed from behind by loud mouthed kids.

Skye took her seat somewhere alone at the back of the bus. Not the front. She unzipped her backpack and got out her headphones to listen to some calming music. Though she could barely hear it from all those loud voices booming in her ears. Still... she needed something to sooth her.

The bus drove for some minutes, and slowed to a stop as more kids got on.

Aidan got on.

And Skye stared out the window as he got on, looking as good as he did every morning. His naturally jet black hair was as shiny as ever in the sun, and his choice for school attire seemed to have been something he could also where around the house. While for Skye, she had beautiful long hair, and she would always put it up in a simple pony tail, except for yesterday, it had been down.

As Aidan made his way through the aisle, kids were crumbling up paper and throwing it over Aidan's head. The bus driver yelled at them for that. Because he would be the one having to pick up all the trash.

But Aidan stood in a frozen position for a second. Looking around left and right for an open seat. They were all taken. Only one seat could fit two people. And Skye's just happened to be able to fit one more person...

She had... just an epiphany. His voice. Was directed at HER!

Can I sit here? He asked with his velvety voice, she seemed to have been spacing out...

She hadn't look up at him yet, but just held a death grip on her Mp3. She stared wide-eyed in front of her seat, slowly making her way to reach him.

Her face turned to a hard core blush, and her heart leapt. Y-yes...! Her voice reached to near a shout. But right away she looked back out the window and everyone and everything didn't exist. It was just her. In her shell. Like it had always been.

Aidan made himself comfortable and sat there until the bus reached school.

Skye unconscionably cowered away closer to the window, afraid to be so close to him.

The Third Chapter :
Can I Borrow a Pencil?

Sighing seemed to have been the case the whole day for Skye. It is said that sighing too much is just another sign of depression symptoms. She didn't want to be sad. But she wanted courage to not always look away when Aidan would catch a glimpse of her. Or asked her if he could sit next to her on the bus.

Skye had Study Hall with Aidan today. They only had two classes together. She prepared herself for the homework she will be doing for extra credit in Biology. And sat in front of her Study Hall teacher. Aidan was sitting in the back as he always did, doodling on his desk.

Her elbow relaxed on the desk and she held her head from falling asleep with the use of her palm. She was beginning to feel sleepy. Or that she couldn't quite do much of anything when Aidan was in the same room as her.

That made better sense. She tapped the desk with her pencil and flipped it around with her forefinger and middle finger. A case of nervousness. Her number two pencil needed to be sharpened. It barely had enough lead to write down a single sentence.

She reached under her desk and dug in her school bag for an extra one. But why do that when the one she adores so much has a perfect one sitting on his desk?

She literally took 10 minutes debating it. And then the bell rang for class dismissle. She brooded to herself and started to get up from her seat, when she caught Aidan literally, staring at her.

Class was over. The bell had rang. Students ran out with shouts of elation. Aidan held her stare. He didn't move. Skye took that miracle of a chance to ask... C-Can I borrow a pencil...!? Her heart raced as fast as her words, Aidan blinked. The thin line on his mouth was still a frown.

In a swift movement he flicked his pencil her way, landing perfectly on Skye's desk.

She stared as he passed her way.

She was a bit bemused. But all so happy at the same time.

When he'd looked at her and held her stare, she might of just crossed his mind... he might of thought about her, more than a nobody.

She would cherish the pencil like it was a treasured item. I'll write with it forever... She held the pencil close to her loving heart.

The Fourth Chapter :

Skye woke up Wednesday morning with a smile on her face. The glare of sunlight beamed through her window and hit her eyes, making her squint but still maintain her smile. She allowed her senses to settle before getting up and dressing for school. She turned her head away from the morning sun and looked down. The pencil layed on the drawer just as she placed it. The sunlight formed around the pencil making, it look like a magical pencil. At this, she let out a soft laugh.

A pencil that she would be able to write with forever, it would never run out of lead or eraser. But something left her in dismay, she had only asked Aidan to borrow it. Not have. She wondered if he would ask for it back... but at least it would mean him talking to her, right?

And that's all she needed right now.

She went downstairs and started on her breakfast. And fled for school right after. She had placed her magical pencil in one of her smaller zippers in her backpack, making sure to bring it to school everyday and write with it. The bus was the same as ever, but when the bus reached Aidan's stop, he didn't get on, he wasn't on his usual bus stop.

Maybe he'd finally decided to drive to school? He was a Senior after all...

When she got off the bus, she right away went up to the second floor building where Aidan's locker was located. On the far right of the hall. She shyly paced quietly and ignored the loud voices around her that made her self conscious. Aidan wasn't there too... she was only comfortable with watching him from afar. But something stirred in her this morning. She opened up her locker that was on the other side of Aidan's, placing a few books from her book bag inside. She remembered how every morning she would look over her shoulder and see Aidan there, opening up hit locker and putting his own books inside.

Precalc wasn't the same without him. She fell into a morose state and didn't participate in Mr, Coles' demonstrations. It just wasn't the same showing off her knowledge when Aidan wasn't around. Or if he'd even been paying attention at all... just the sound of his voice answering one of Mr, Coles' questions -and getting it wrong- filled her whole heart with smiles.

She spent the whole class period drawing hearts and writing Aidan's name around the margins of her notebook.

After class ended, and after school ended Skye ran into her two good friends near her bus. She talked to them. Hey, Mia, Lumina... She was still the shy girl even around good friends. Not seeing Aidan today left her feeling blue.

Hey, Skye~! They both said together in unison, those two were part of Choir and sang really well. Skye liked listening to them sing, because some of their songs reminded her of Aidan and herself. Skye had little to know in the music department, but she played the piano at her house quite fairly. It gave her a dream kind of trance when she played it so quietly to herself.

Lumina and Mia grinned bubbly, not stopping to give Skye a chance to talk. You heard that our Choir Concert is in four weeks from now right? You should go! glee played across both their faces. Skye nodded halfheartedly and smiled.

They talked a little more, then said their good-byes as the buses drove in. (Her friends rode a different bus number, sadly.)

As always, she got on her buss and made herself invisible in the back seat, thinking just a little too much about Aidan.

And secretly, hoping he would sit by her again one day.

The Fifth Chapter :
The Stare-Down

Thursday, Skye didn't wake up on time. She was dreaming of Aidan and she didn't want to wake up into her cold reality where Aidan doesn't notice her.

An hour into her dream, she was awakened by her Mother. Skye pried her eyes open, and saw her Mothers' worried face. I- I overslept!?

She blamed her wonderful dream.

She shuffled to get ready but only found herself doing that in a snails pace. Her dream was so great that she found herself looking back on it every second that passed. This wasn't like Skye at all. She took the 'Breakfast is the most important meal of the day' for granted and had her Mom drive her to school. With the windows rolled down, she looked up at the clouds and swore she could picture Aidan's face. Everyone on this earth shared the same sky, so Aidan was never really far away... was he? She smiled.

Her mom had passed her a sandwich in the car, she looked down at her tummy at its grumble, and took tentative bites into it. Whilst still looking out into the passing cars, joggers, people riding on their bicycles, and the patch of blue clouds that were Aidan.

The car parked beside the school building and Skye flung open the door, running out. Thanks, Mom! I won't be late again! I promise. She said thoughtfully, hoping her mom would get the message that her oversleeping wasn't going to happen ever again.

Teachers in the school harassed her to get to class, while running she'd seen a Janitor in her way mopping the floor clean, she jumped over it since it was in her way, and arrived in her class breathless. She felt such a rush! She felt free for a change, being late for class where Aidan would be, running in the halls! Jumping over mops! It was all too Un-Skye of her.

. . . I-I'm sorry I'm late! She panted as she held the door rim with a hand, bowing her head in the process. Lucky for her the Study Hall teacher was lenient with her and she was her favorite; a Teachers Pet. He told her to take her seat in his always nice tone.

She bowed her head once more and mouthed another apology, taking her seat in the front of the class. In the mist of all of this, she didn't look around the room to see if Aidan was present. This was strange of her.

She didn't want to turn her head back and see students eyeballing her. But she didn't care about them! So she turned slightly, making sure to only make eye contact to the person she wanted to make eye contact with.

And there he was.

Her eyes narrowed down, and she turned back around with a blush all over pale face. People were laughing from behind her back. Skye sighed sadly and held onto that feeling when he'd given her his pencil, at least that would make some sort of peace in her mind.

Skye heard voices from behind her, they belonged to the friends Aidan was always hanging around with. She eavesdropped into their whispered conversation.

Yo, Aidan. Why weren't you in Precalc yesterday? Skipping, probably. His friend asked, or it seemed like he already knew the answer.

She flinched slightly in her chair at his words,

I didn't bother going, He sounded bored.

Why not? His friend asked, He too was a Senior. But Skye never noticed him in her Precalc class... all except for Aidan and Mr, Cole.

Now Skye was teetering on the edge of a cliff, Aidan's voice gave her so much different feelings that she just wanted to fall of the cliff on purpose.

What was the point if I didn't have a pencil to write with?

Aidan's friend laughed. Was that even a plausible reason...?

Skye could feel it, as if being exposed to so much heat, she felt stares penetrating her back. I let some girl borrow it,

The Sixth Chapter :
Whisper of His Name

Skye looked down at her hands on her lap and frowned. Why couldn't she just turn to him and confess her undying love already!? Since Kindergarten, she wanted to...

It had been a few minutes and she was still blushing, it was embarrassing. And had the reason Aidan skipped school be really because he let her borrow his pencil? How could she be the cause of that? Students behind her kept chiding at her. So she picked out a book from her book bag and opened it in front of her face, completely covering it. She flipped a few pages and before she could realize it, the bell had rang. She packed up her belongings and stood up, leaving for the door.

Her next class flew by, she did what she normally did when she was finished with assignments for the day, scribbled hearts and Aidan's name all over notebook paper with Aidan's pencil.

Lunch was where she could socialize the most, not like she did much of it anyway. Skye walked into the loud and crowded Cafeteria, waiting in the pizza line for lunch. And plus, Aidan was in the Pizza line. He was reaching to grab a Pepperoni Pizza, once he had it he went to sit in chairs opposite each other at a table with some of his Senior friends. No way could she speak to him now. Not with his friends there and all...

She frowned again. Her own weather forecast was gloom with a chance of rain. She prayed Aidan would be that ray of sunlight at the end of the rain. He had been, when he looked at her. That's all it took.

Lumina and Mia found Skye standing in line and ran up to her with enthusiastic waving hands, Skye~! Skye~! They both called out for her, after getting their Pizza's, they grabbed a table outside. Lumia and Mia mostly chit chatted amongst themselves, but Skye kept looking back inside the Cafeteria. Lumia and Mia noticed this.

They stared at her lunch tray with only a Pizza. Mia talked with her mouth full and asked,
You gonna finish that, Skye? Mia looked hungrier than Skye was, so she scooted the tray to Mia and never looked away from the cafeteria. Lumina put her milk down with a final gulp. Skye? What's wrong...? Lumina could see it, that look in her eyes when she was about to cry.

Skye was riveted, but slowly shook her head at Lumina and tried on a not so convincing smile. N-nothing...It's nothing. It hurt too much to speak it out loud, it wasn't enough watching him from a far anymore. She wanted to sit next to him and eat her pizza happily ever after. But she knew that wasn't going to happen in a million years.

When Lumina and Mia looked away from Skye and back at their food, she wiped off a tear in secret, got up, and threw her empty food tray in the trash near the Cafeteria door. She stood there for moments, drying off more tears in silence.

Then someone else came walking up to the trash can, Skye wasn't paying much attention to them.

She sniffed, whispering as quite as a breath, A-Aidan. . .

And walked back to her table.

The person still stood by the trash can, upon hearing the voice, he looked around for it, but their were too many people walking about to make out who it was... He shrugged it off a moment later and went back to his friends.

The Seventh Chapter :

After school, Skye went right up to her room and slept. Her love was oblivious. That much she knew.

Friday would be different. Way different. She just could not take the silence between them anymore. It was unnerving to a point she just wanted to scream.

That Friday, Skye bawled her fists in determination, and trudged to his locker in the morning.

He was there, putting things in his locker.

Her voice was so small. ...U-umm... She couldn't believe what she was doing. Finally taking some initiative! And it felt like she had just broken out of her shell, too!

Aidan looked at her, and Skye just hoped, he too felt the sparks.

...I- her voice was but a mumble, eyes widening, she heard running feet advancing behind her. And the voice that shouted her name...

Lumina. Not now! Not when she was being so confident!

She fretted, there might not be another chance for this...

C-Can you meet me after school...? I-I need to tell you s-something...!

And then she was gone, taking Lumina with her.

Aidan was a bit surprised by that now, he couldn't lie, had the shy girl he always knew finally broken through her shell?

He smiled at the thought.

The Eight Chapter :
The Unexpected Smiling-Wave!

Skye was both nervous and exited for after school, but would he stand her up? She hoped not. She let go of Lumina's arm to let her explain.

Lumina... did you want to tell me something? She wanted to know why she almost ruined her moment back there, well, not ruined, it was because of her that Skye said it, rushly yes, but she said it!

Lumina chuckled nervously at her friend, putting her hand to her mouth in a dramatic way. Oh! Uh... I must have... forgotten. Hehehe... sorry~

Skye's mouth hung open, and she was at a loss for words.

Aidan was in Precalc early. When Skye stepped into the classroom, she peered in and saw a hand waving her way, she forgot how to breath for a moment. Aidan had a smile on his face that reached his amazing blue eyes, and put his hand back down a second too late when Skye was just about to wave back.

Did he really... she couldn't believe it.

This is all it took...? Just confronting him? Skye's smile stayed strong.

She looked up and listened to Mr, Cole assign the next homework assignment. The class groaned in response, and Skye got out Aidan's pencil and finished the assignment before class even ended. She knew if she wrote with it every time, she would get A's on every homework assignment, test or quiz.

The bell rang 15 minutes later and Skye wanted her next 3 classes to fly by as quick as possible. And they did, when the bell rang for school dismissle, everyone ran out of their classrooms and mingled in front of the school building waiting for the school buses to gather. Everyone was exited for the weekend.

Since Skye's home was fairly close to the school, she would walk home today, she would do okay without a bus ride with loud teenagers. At least for today. When all the students got on their buses, Skye sat down on a bench near a small garden close to the school. She waited and waited, hoping not to get stood up by her only love.

She checked the watch on her wrist, and triggered something in her that hurt, that feeling she'd always get when Aidan didn't notice her, had he forgotten her request? No, plea.

She decided she had some self-respect, one more minute and she would just head home.

After a second or two, she looked up at his approach, carrying two juice box's in his hands.

The Ninth Chapter :
Two Juice Boxes

It felt like a dream, seeing him walking toward her.

He was smiling that gorgeous smile again, purposely making her heart flutter and her eyes widen in shock. He had a glowing aura around him, and it was so bright.

When he'd finally reached her, he took a seat by her on the bench and said,

Juice? I got an extra one from the lunch lady. She loves me, so it's alright.

He handed her the juice box, and she took it in her hands securely.

Love. He had used the word... Love. It came so easily for him. Of course... everyone loved Aidan.

She heard the sipping sound that Aidan was making, leaning back with one of his hands behind him and looking up into the sky.

So, Skye, what did you want to talk to me about?

He knew her name...

She just had to be as red as a tomato right now. She squeezed her juice box just a little too tight, staring at it hard. U-u-u-ummm... it was... it was just.....

His sudden laugh caught her by surprise, his sudden hand had took her juice box away from her... she jumped and looked at him dumbfounded.

Look, your squeezing the life out of it! If you don't want to drink it, you should of just told me so. But those words that could have sounded harsh, weren't, instead they were said with a giant smirk, a teasing voice... did he possibly enjoy seeing her act like an idiot? A stuttering idiot, at that.

N-no! It wasn't that... I just....... reaching her embarrassment meter to a heating point, she quickly looked away from him and at the patch of flowers around her.

He laughed once again, louder, leaning back again and speaking with that beautiful voice again. I'm just messing with you. Your nervousness and stuttering is really cute, you know that? I just couldn't resist.


Skye felt like fainting right at the spot.

The Tenth Chapter :
Illusion VS Reality?

Those last words of him, just had to be illusions... made up inside her head just to quench her own impossible needs.

Aidan, the popular-est bachelor in school, the Senior couldn't have been more than an illusion, sitting next to her on the bench... smiling at her, flirting with her.

Hey, you okay? You look a bit out of it. And your so red.

The flustered look on her face after he'd said that, made him laugh again. He leaned back again on his hand, just staring off into the clouds. The warm breeze passed them, making Skye's long hair flow in front of her face, hiding her face from Aidan's angle.

Hey.... he started, sitting back up and putting both juice boxes between them on the bench, which were the only objects to keep him and her from touching bodies.

He saw a glint of something in her eyes once her pretty hair was out of the way, she felt his stare locked on her face, and saw the slightest hand movement that made her look right at him.

He reached toward her and pushed his fingers under her chin, forcing her gaze into place. Why don't you look at me?

The birds around them tweeted happily on a perch, tweeting somewhat of a song, a duet.

The flowers seemed to have bloomed right that moment.

Skye was thrown speechless at his mere touch. Is this a monotone?

He deserved something of a reply... no matter how much she believed it was all just some great illusion created in her mind.

I....I'm sorry... this is just....too much for me... she tried looking away to the side, but Aidan made sure to keep that gaze of hers on him. He inched closer to her face.

It was you, wasn't it? Back then... at lunch.

Her eyes couldn't help but open wide in his realization, he was talking about when she'd whispering his name, wasn't he? He was standing there, the whole time...

There was a look of admiration on his face as his gentle smile stayed, and Skye's big brown eyes blossom into overwhelming happiness. He seemed to search within her gaze and find her heart, he'd already touched it, years ago...

Aidan wanted her to believe in herself more. What will it take for you to believe that this isn't some sort of illusion?

He got nothing out of her expect the same flushed expression.

His eyes were at her lips.

Skye...I'm going to try and kiss you now. Maybe that would make you believe? And if I like it, if sparks fly, we'll go from there.

The Eleventh Chapter :
Perfect Fairy Tale

It was certainly real, every emotion, every wish in her dreams had come true, every star twinkled happily for her that night.

She prayed to God.

She remembered his words,

‘if I like it, if sparks fly, we'll go from there.’

The weekend was uneventful and she couldn't wait for school.

Skye and her two friends stood next to her locker, and Skye told the excited duo everything that happened that day after school. It made her blush so much even speaking of it!

Wow, Skye! That’s amazing... you and Aidan? He’s like famous in the school, and he’s a football player of all things! Lumina could hardly contain her ‘spazz’, she might as well been jumping up and down.

Well, I’m happy for you Skye! You liked him for so long! Mia added in with a clap of her hands, both hugging the flustered Skye.

Good luck with your love life, Skye! They both shouted out loud when they pulled away.

Her friends were obviously teasing her... and she reddened. G-guys....!

But she really believed it so.

This was something close to a perfect fairy tale.

The Twelfth Chapter :
If Sparks Fly. . .

Skye was having a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions on her way to Study Hall.

Would Aidan be there?

How different would she act around him now? Sitting in the same room? Probably the same...

But all she could think about at the moment was Aidan’s lips... and hers...

She stepped into the classroom quietly, the bell hadn’t rang yet, so she was only about two minutes early. And she wasn’t the only one early.

Hey, Skye...

She gasped at what he’d done.

He’d taken a seat right next to her desk in the front, just waiting for her there with a smile. The teacher didn’t seem to mind, he was actually smiling.

A-Aidan-? She couldn't believe it.

Take a seat, class will start soon.

He was so sweet...

She nodded and smiled shyly, actually sitting so close to her crush.

He stretched his arms and purposely lay his right across her chair. He was all smiles. And so was Skye. They were so close, she hadn’t felt this close to him since Friday after school. The feeling was the best. But...

Everyone else.

W-what about... your friends... wouldn’t they-

Stare at us? Skye, I don’t care about what they would think about this. Take it or leave it, I say.

He seemed so confident in his words. And that made sense, he was a popular football player, easily noticed by everyone, and it was so hard to believe one person in the whole school caught his eye.

Skye thought to herself hard within the moment the bell rang, if she could handle this now, this... ‘friendship’ of theirs, if she could handle everything that came with it...

If sparks really do fly from here on, I...

More soon o3o
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Posted 11/19/09
I'll read it in a bit =w=
Too tired and busy restoring stuffs right now >___< So Probably tomorrow :3
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I love all ur stories!xD.
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thanxsss sparkle =33
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IWIN owo
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Ahh, poo.
You made my nerd come out with the Geometry stuff.

COMMENT TIME <3 I'll add comments as I think of them =w=

After chapter One ::
SENIORS in a GEOMETRY class?!?! DX *dies*
I really hope there are no seniors in Geo in this group... but MAN DX Geometry is a Freshman class here DX
And.... Gonna be a stickler about this... is that Square Root of Pi supposed to equal the Circumference Of A Circle??
Please tell me it's not DX
I might have to beat you if it is =w=
BUT YEAH >:D Looks good so far >:3

After Chapter Two ::
AND this would be why I hate buses XD
No room and loudness and people being stupid T____T
And there's always that one bully sitting near you that will just try to make your life Hell =____=
But aww, she's so shy >__< She needs to be a strong woman and win Aidan over NOW >:3

After Chapter Three ::
OwO She didn't seem like the type of person who would let a pencil get that worn down without sharpening =w=
Jerk-wad =____=
Ahaha.... but silly Skye =w= you can't write with a pencil forever =w= It'll run down eventually =w=

And MWAHAHA you can;t call me a liar >:3
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Lmao AHEM *ADVANCED* GEO xp [should i just change it? XP To wat tho..it has to be a SENIOR class but one that a SMART freshman can have too? :3 any ideas?]
Aidan is....NOT smarter than Skye ima just say THAT XD
and lol idk idk IDK square root...pie...circumference...? HELP ! SDLFJSDLFJDKL xD
Lol you'll see why teh lead runs out easily xD

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Have it be Precalc (basically Trig)
There are smart freshmen in that class at my math school, and seniors in it at my normal school :3

Circumference equals two times Pi times the Radius... =w=
Area equals Pi time Radius Squared....
Volume of a sphere equals three fourths times Pi times the radius cubed...
*goes on a geo rant*

lol she's obsessed =w=
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kintsuchl wrote:

IWIN owo

you'll heart it wen you finish all 3 chapters XD
Tho Skye is obsessed wiff the guy =3=
Posted 11/20/09

ember1116 wrote:

Have it be Precalc (basically Trig)
There are smart freshmen in that class at my math school, and seniors in it at my normal school :3

Circumference equals two times Pi times the Radius... =w=
Area equals Pi time Radius Squared....
Volume of a sphere equals three fourths times Pi times the radius cubed...
*goes on a geo rant*

lol she's obsessed =w=

lol no more smart talking ;~;
and lol its AWESOME...and wen hes @ her house to stody......the piano scene..........-drools- STOP SPOILING KOKO T__T
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Man I think my mind is very strange =w=
When you said Piano scene I imagined one of those old Western Saloons and Skye as one of those bar ladies that dressed all poofy, and Aidan as some cowboy coming in for a drink and getting in a fight, and then Skye breaks it up by singing, and Aidan starts playing the piano and then the whole place broke out in synchronized song and dance =w=

Right, no more ranting. XD
Posted 11/20/09
lmao WAT.
lol your theory...not even CLOSE =w=
*writing chap 4 on yahoo right now 83*
somehow i think easier on Yahoo xD
Posted 11/22/09
ahaha~ first love, hope things go smooth with Skye's love life~ x3
and LOL he skipped cause he had no pencil? mnn, pens last longer~
Posted 11/22/09
ahahh yea Aidan FAILSS XD
except wen you cant erase wiff pens...but
there ARE pens wiff ERASERS! 8D
Posted 11/22/09
Oo yess those are wicked!! >DD but more expensive >_>
haha tis why there are such things as WHITE-OUT! >3
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