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Post Reply I'll Make You Love Me
Posted 11/22/09 , edited 11/22/09
Lol yea i WUV those pensss >3<
BUT i dont like whiteout D:
its stinkeeyy.
and it makes teh 'whiteing out process' look all white after use ._.
and it looks messy on w/e you whited out right after...x_X

@story: I should put up chap 6 TODAY ! :DD
Posted 11/22/09 , edited 11/22/09
LOL it's suppose to be all white, tis why they call it WHITE OUT >D
but yeah, I hate it too, makes writing all mushy D:
had to blow to dry it too >_>

Yeshh, you should!! *waits for it*
Posted 11/23/09 , edited 11/24/09

Waaah the ending made me sad T~T
He thought he imaged her saying his name....
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Posted 10/10/10 , edited 10/11/10
this is awesome write some more plz
Posted 10/10/10 , edited 10/11/10
OHMYGOSH i reread the latest chapterr, yessssss i will definetely update this >w< ♥
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