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Seok-ho Kang (Su-ro Kim) is a lawyer and former bike gang member. He then takes a position to revive a third rate high school named "Byeong Moon Ko". To revive the school, Seok-ho Kang needs his students to become accepted in prestigious universities. Because of this, Seok-ho Kang starts a special class and becomes the teacher for that class. Seok-ho Kang takes students, who have bad scores, and guides them to improve not only their scores but their outlook on life.

One such student is Baek-hyeon Hwang (Seung-ho Yu) a defiant and headstrong student who is similar to Seok-ho Kang at that age. Their strong personalities causes them to have clashes, but gradually Baek-hyeon Hwang opens up to Seok-ho's teaching methods and eventually becomes the best student in the class
*God of Study" will takeover the time slot previously occupied by "Taming of the Heir" (Cheonhamujeok Ipyeongkang).
*"God of Study" is based on the popular Japanese manga "Dragon Zakura" written by Mita Norifusa, which was also turned into a 2005 TBS drama series in Japan.
*Su-ro Kim takes on his first role in a television drama (has only appeared in cameo roles to date
Posted 11/21/09 , edited 11/21/09
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