Need spoilers for gundom 00!!! WRNNING SPOILERS!!!!
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i'm in a desprate need of some spoilers i just wacted ...<_,< someone from gundom 00's death and now i'm in peices..i need help! ....Y_Y what i am looking for is a list of everyone who died durring the series......souds sick huh?..but for some reson i think know everyone who died and watching thir death scen might comfort me in a odd way..... so plz list all the charecter who died thruout the series

plz post in spoilers....

if you wanna know who's death triggered this it was
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Lockon died because the plot called for it, there were plenty of obvious foreshadowing of Lockon dying. I really don't understand why people were shocked by his death. Role models in anime are usually the ones who dies (ex. Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann).

Your lovable Lockon will come back in the form of Lockon v2.0 who's really just Neil's younger brother, Lyle. The funny thing is Lockon v2.0's voice is the exact same as the original one. Even if its just an anime, there's no way identical twins can have the SAME voice (although it could be argue that the fans willed it and/or Sunrise being cheap).

Don't worry all the causalities in 00 s2 don't even have a shred of importance and/or interesting aspect with the exception of Sergei and maybe Ribbons if "it" did die. You may be wondering as to why I called Ribbons an "it", its because Innovedes don't have genders (with the exception of Anew).

Then again you could become one of those weird people who mopped like crazy when Anew died. Seriously her character had crap level of character development, her whole purpose was to die for the sake of giving Lockon v2.0 his measly character development.


There's one more thing I like to add, even though the Gundam franchise has been infected with the Bishounen trend, the core of its franchise is still "Shounen" based, thus by no means will they make any actual YAIO pairings (at least within the main leads), you can always just read fanfics to satisfy your YAIO needs. Keep in mind that I'm not trying to offend you or any other Yaio fans, I'm only being realistic here.
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