Who's your favorite or favsssss of Super Junior?
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Posted 11/23/09
Hai~ so like my fav of Super Junior right ish Yesung at number one because I was just listening to one of his songs and it was reallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooooood hehe. It use to be Eunhyuk who was first but then now he's second, Teukie ish 3rd, Donghae 4th, and Heechul 5th? he's though hehe I love them all hehe~
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Posted 11/23/09 , edited 11/23/09
this needs to be in the Poll section.
And put choices above thread next time.
There's too many
I only memorized 2
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Posted 11/23/09
I'm sorry, but we already have too many super junior threads. Please just use one of the threads below:

fav member in super junior
who do you like best in super junior?
who is the cutest super junior 4 u


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