Happy? Sad? Disappointed? How do you feel about the upcoming Korea-Philippines Friendship Festival?
Posted 11/24/09
Honestly, I'm a bit disappointed that I can't go. Aside from having classes (anyway i can skip class whenever i want to), is that i wasn't chosen to be given free tickets on the arirang thingy. TT_TT I think the tickets are limited, and so are the people to be given the chance to watch.

Or can I buy tickets somewhere else? HAHA aside from the arirang thing.

But I'm glad that SHINee is going to the Philippines though I'm not that of a fan.
I hope next time bigger stars/bands will come here. ^^

How about the others? Feeling happy and lucky that you can go? or sad that you cant?

~sorry if this topic is already posted by others.
Posted 11/24/09
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