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Posted 11/25/09
please pay ATTENTION
TVXQ fans, this is a message from bigeast, so please take note,Message from Bigeast fans:

Dear Cassiopeia Members,

This is Kocha from Bigeast, Japan.

This may not be the appropriate place to post this news,but we do not know exactly where to, since most of us cannotwrite Korean.

First of all, we would like to thank you all for always protecting TVXQ and keeping the faith in them.

Because of the differeces in organization and in culture, we cannot do as much as you do in SK and the rest of Asia.

However, now that TVXQ are in Japan, we would like to do ourbest to avoid their disbanding.

We know from the news TVXQ are very close to disband.And we've learned fan's power is very needed.

我們正在進行這項支援活動,稱為“Send A Thank You Postcard to AVEX“ (明信片支援活動)
We are working on this movement, called "Send A Thank You Postcard to AVEX".

通過這個活動讓Mr. Matsuura(社長吧!)知道他對於神起的幫助我們有多麼的感謝,同時也請求他保障神起同時在韓國以及日本的活動(以及其他亞洲等地)。
It is to let Mr. Matsuura know our appreciation for his support for the five, and also to beg him to guarantee their activity in both S.Korea and in Japan (and the rest of Asia).

我們相信沒有Dong Bang Shinki就沒有Tohoshinki
We believe there is no Tohoshinki without Dong Bang Shinki.
TVXQ is the precious star that was born in S.Korea.
It is unbearable to see them not able to sing in their own country.

The thank-you post cards are supposed to be arrived at AVEX onNovember 30th.

It is important that all the mail arrive on the same date so that Japanese media will pick up the news.

But this may not enough, because Japanese media this year tend to focus on Arashi's 10th year anniversary and their first time attending Kohaku.

We would like to make sure that this "send a thank-you post card to AVEX" to be broadcasted and told through Korean media, so that SM will hear it clear.

所以,我們希望會雙語翻譯(英文 日文 中文 韓文 etc...)的親們幫我們一個忙
So, we need to ask all the bilingual(English/Korean/Chinese etc.) writers a help.
Because we believe this may be our last chance to keep the five together.

PLEASE!! spread this news here in DBSK Knights, DNBN, Korean TV Stations, Korean newspaper, Korean magazines, and any other mediapossible.

We don't want to lose our last chance!!

Make sure to let them know that even the QUIET Japanese fans are raising their voice!!

However, we are not hoping for a battle.

If there is 1% of possibility for them to avoid disbanding,we would like to bet on it.

Again, all the mail will be ARRIVED at AVEX on November 30th

.很謝謝各位的支持與幫助!!!!Thank you very much for your support.

This is the time when Bigeast and Cassiopeia get together to fully support TVXQ


Kocha from Bigeast, Japan


Shared by: DBSKnights + [email protected]

Rachel's note: I just can't believe that DBSKnights and DNBN are mentioned in the same breath! Thank you!

And since everyone is asking, here's Avex's address:

Avex's address
]Axex Entertainment Co.
Avex Building 6F,
Attention: Tohoshinki3-1-30,
Minami Aoyama,
Minato-ku, Tokyo,Japan, 107-8577

Tel:+81 03 5423 8550
CEO: Mr. Masato Matsuura

It's true that an international postcard mailed today would probably not reachJapan by November 30th.
BUT,MAIL IT ANYWAY, JUST IN CASE. *a miracle may happen, who knows

Always keep the faith!
Please Spread this new among all TVXQ/Tohoshinki/DBSK fans worldwide

Stephanie's note : Let's do it cause even if it don't reach japan on the 30th it will still reach AVEX and maybe we can make a difference !!
Thanks to MadihaThanks to Madihah Marzuki for sharing

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