Fanfic Amuto : The Shappire Eyes that heard the Song!
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Posted 11/25/09

Prolog: Any girl can call it love, any girl can make love happen. Some love though, just never seems to work out. When two people fall in love is it a perfect match? Or is the fire so intense you have to pull away with out saying a word?


Reporter: We are here live at the park about to watch "Hinamori, Amu aka " With her debut Single ( i WANN BE YOUR GIRL)!

Amu: Hey we just wanna thank everyone for coming out! This song goes out to everyone who loves someone! And what you have been through!

"I look into your eyes, and all I see
Is something out of my reach.
Your like the star of my night
so come on boy, light up my world!
Tiered of playing games
don't wanna act this way around you!
I just wanna be your girl!
(your girl, your girl)
Take my hand, take my heart
call my name, say it sweet
let me be your girl!
I wanna rock your world!
Tiered of looking the other way
and not knowing what to say
every time I see you, I'm on fire
I just Wanna be your girl,
your girl, your girl"

Reporter: So Amu , how did you come up with this song.

(Amu flips her hair) : Secret!

Reporter: Does that mean you love someone or had someone?

Amu: Maybe?

Reporter ( a little annoyed): Well get ready for the next Diva! This is Yuniko with Tokyo News!
(Back in the trailer)

Amu: I am so glad this is over
Seira (Amu's friend) : Lighten up girl, your vocals sound awesome today.
Amu: You know I don't care
Seira: Fine, I'll see you back at the hotel room, see yah then.
Amu: Bye
Amu is leaving the trailer, and is walking along and all of a sudden and sees someone being photographed.
She stops short listening to the interview.

Reporter: So, you concert tonight was sold out the day the tickets went on sale. How does that make you feel?

Ikuto: It feels awesome that I have so many fans. *winks to the Camera

( Inside Amu's head)
That conceit Jerk! Why does he have so many fans, why is he so popular? All he is, is a playboy!
(She starts walking past!)

Reporter: So many of you female fans are wondering if you are dating anyone?
(Reporter waits anxiously)

Ikuto: 8laughs slightly, well I know the rumor was going around that I had alot of female fans stalking, or following me
The rumor is pretty accurate, but I know it is just because they really connect with my songs.

Reporter: But that doesn't answer the question.

(Ikuto looks behind him and his eyes flash in surprise and astonishment)

Ikuto: Yeah I have a girlfriend, Actually here she comes.
"Hey Amu over here" *grabs Amu's arm and pulls her into a hug
Ikuto whispers: Just play along, or you will never take off in this industry

Amu ( overly sweet, with pure loathing in her eyes): Hey Ikuto, what up? Haven't gotten to see you lately!

Reporter: Are you guys an official couple?

Amu and Ikuto ( fake smile): We Definitely were

Reporter: Could you guys prove it?

Ikuto : *flashes a sexy grin "Of course" *leans in to kiss her

(Amu's expression goes from sickly sweet, to outraged" *Slap

Amu: I am sorry, we used to go out, but now we have nothing to do with each other anymore, I forgot him the day he never showed up. Ja Ne!

Ikuto *kind of desperate: Wait Amu, it wasn't completely like that *reaches for her
*Amu turns around slightly

Amu: but you never told me other wise, I don't hold against you. After all an Idol has too much to do. Bye Ikuto!

(Ikuto looks at the ground)

Reporter: Well, this is an AMAZING SCOOP! Japan's number one male singer is broken hearted by a newly debuted star! What was the history between these two? Tune in next time!
(One week later!)
Manager: Amu this is amazing! because of all you free publicity with Ikuto, your single rose to #8, The producers say this is the right time to release your next single. Get into the studio.
(In the studio)

Producer: Okay we are gonna do this in one shot everyone! Amu go

( Lyrics to "Bittersweet")

"I see your eyes, following me
I love you, you love me
but it is too bittersweet.
Love hurts me,it make me bleed
but it is just too bittersweet
It's not like I think about you all the time
you're just my every dream
you are like my obsession
I am trying to quit
by I just keep running back for more
Love is confuzing to me
Like I am lost in a maze
Love is something I can't figure out
Just know it is too bitter sweet!"

Ikuto is sitting in his hotel room watching the news
Reporter: and now We have Amu's new single! " Bittersweet"

(Ikuto listens to the song, then pulls out his phone)
2 mins later Amu gets a text

" Rise to my level and I'll leave you alone, you have 1 year. Try your hardest, it's gonna be a bittersweet ride. ( lol)
Untill then, I am gonna make you look like a bad girl, that broke my heart! ~*sexy smirks
~Ja Ne
(Amu's thoughts)
THAT !$*&%*&&*%%#$@%&* HE CAN'T JUST CONTROL MY LIFE! THAT SELF CENTERED, CONNIVING, Narcissist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( aMU PULLS OUT HER PHONE)
2 mins later Ikuto gets a text

Challenge excepted, prepare to be utterly humiliated playboy!
I'll leave you in the dust, try to stay ahead!

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Posted 11/26/09
I don't own the anime, or the characters, but the song are mine, and copyrighted!
So tell me what you think? I update once a week or more if I feel like it.
Posted 11/29/09
Pretty good so far so intresting
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Posted 11/29/09
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Posted 11/29/09
love it...please send me a pm when u update it so that i can read what happens next. thanks!
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Posted 12/16/09
Amu: Seira I can't belibe they are making me release another song
Seira: Well ever since that thing with Ikuto your songs are rising to the top, Now
get to the studio before your manger kills me *laughing
Amu grumbles

Yuniko: This is Amzing Hinimori Amu's Newest Single "Do they call this Love"
Has risen to the number one spot on the charts in just one WEEK!
We have her here today for an Interview and to here her new song live
Amu: *Waves Hey Everyone This is my newest song!

The beating in my chest
Is it because of you?
they call this love,
is it true?
Or am I just setting myself up
to be broken again
The last time you left me bleeding
should I trust you again
the tears that are raining down
is it because of love?
Or cause of you?
Do they call this love?
or is it me fooling myself again
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Posted 9/22/11

Wooow , continue it! it's pretty a great story ! you made amu the bad one , and ikuto the crushing guys ! lol ...
Wonder what will ikuto do after , do connivance her !+_+ (excited)

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Posted 9/22/11
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Posted 7/15/12
Awsome I LUV it!
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