Post Reply The Hey!Say!7 CM you've all been waiting for~!
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Posted 11/27/09
~minna, honto ni gomenasai...
I was on HIATUS for god-who-knows-how-long-it-was.

anyway, as most of us seem so depressed that there's no update on our beloved HSJ, think again!
here's their CM of Lotte Ghana chocolate:
*I've posted here most of what I could find on youtube*

ロッテ CM Hey!Say!7

Hey!Say!7 ロッテCMメーキング

お口の恋人 ロッテ|ロッテナビ|TVCM クリスマス 招待狀篇 長澤雅美 榮倉奈奈 Hey!Say!7

お口の恋人 ロッテ|ロッテナビ|TVCM2 クリスマス ザプライズ篇 長澤雅美 榮倉奈奈 Hey!Say!7

いいなCM ロッテ ガーナ 長澤まさみ 榮倉奈々 Hey!Say!7

sorry people if this are the only vids that I can gather... *yesh, me ish a failure*
however, this just means that they DO have activities! it's just that they're also in hiatus just like me... *teehee!*

and as all of you can see, Yama-chan's craving for strawberries a.k.a "ichigo" has strike again! XDD!
they're all so friggin' CUTE!!!
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Posted 11/27/09 , edited 11/27/09

OMGOSH Thankyou so much! you are not a failure at all, Your a Hero!
I was having a really bad day today, but this made it so much better! Thankyou so much!
They are sooo cute! ^_^ Merry Christmas! (I think im gunna go make me some chocolate fondue now) ^_^

Thankyou so much!
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Posted 11/28/09
thank you so much for the updates!!!! it made my day *hearts* XD
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Posted 11/28/09

good for them!!!

kawaii cm!!!!

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