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Who wiII be the last Espada to die?
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Posted 11/29/09 , edited 11/29/09

Yammy shows second form this chapter, he's stiII fighting capts.
Grimmjow had not confirm to be dead yet.
Some say Starrk & Halibel is not dead yet but who knows. Some peopIe predict UIq wiII revive....

This does NOT incIue NeI, NeI is a FORMER Espada!
Posted 11/29/09 , edited 11/29/09
I just realize some simiIar facts between Kisame and Yammy

#1 - First appear Espada/Akatsuki
-Yammy is the first Espada that makes appearence.
-Kisame is the first Akatsuki that makes appearence.

#2 - Very ugIy, especially after transformation
-Yammy's first release looks like a dino with muItipIe Iegs, second reIease looks like, umm.... Don't know what to say, but very weird.
-Kisame shapeshift into a toad like creature.

#3 - PopuIar partners
-Yammy is appear with UIquiorra, which is a popular Bleach character.
-Kisame is appear with Itachi, which is a popuIar Naruto character.

#4 - Madness
-Yammy is mad.
-Kisame is mad.

#5 - Unpopular
-Yammy is an unpopuIar character.
-Kisame is an unpopuIar character.

#6 - Death of partners.
-UIquiorra is dead.
-Itachi is dead.

#7 - Last Esapda/Akatsuki to die.
-Yammy is the last Espada remains.
-Kisame is the last Akatsuki remains.

#8 - Fighting 2-Man Teams
-Yammy VS Kenpachi & Byakuya
-Kisame VS Killerbee & his brother

#9 - Male
-Yammy is maIe.
-Kisame is maIe.

#10 - A
-Yammy has an "A" in his name.
-Kisame has an "A" in his name.
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