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Posted 11/29/09
here both new and old members can meet more members and make new friends. For example you can write your name,age, where you're from, your hobbies, ect....

For example I'll start....

Name: Kaskay
From: New York
Additional: my fav. anime is naruto and my fav character(as u can guess) is sakura. also is naruto and sasuke. i play soccer, basketball, and martial arts. my fav color(s) are red,balck,blue, purple, neon green and neon pink. (yes i hav alot)x] i am currently a kunoichi-in-training- with the help of my sensei Master Tina. if u would like to know anything else you can just ask and i look forward to meeting you all

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Posted 12/5/09
NAME: Maria
AGE: 15 (and five months!!!^__^)
FROM: Greece
ADDITIONAL: my fav anime is naruto and bleach..but i also love all the others(who doesn't...?)...em...i like net,books,anime,and training(taekwondo) fav colors:black and red...but i also love all the others,too(hehe)...and if u wanna know extras have a look at my profile...

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Posted 3/14/10
Name: Marie-Ève
Age: 20
From: Québec-Canada
Additional: I like cosplaying and Larping. There's a lot of anime that I like but now i'm watching Naruto again.Yeah, nostalogy! I can't even believe there's naruto in french now-even if i'm a french person-it sound so awful! ARGHHH! Anyway! i also like drama-most of them korean. H.I.T. is a good one that end great for a drama but NEVER watch Freeze! It's a total mess! I like purple,royal blue,red, green, white and black.I'm also an artist so if you want to pass by my deviantart, goo ahead!
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Posted 8/19/11 , edited 8/19/11
Name: kayla
Aditional:iIlike to shop till i drop, read and write! I watch so many anime that i barely remember the names! Exept of naruto. I think it's 1 of the best.
I always thought of myself as creative. When i write i feel like i'm part of the pages i write. it's a wonderful experience! i'd love for it to be every time i write that happens. when i'm older i want to be an author, a poet, or a teacher and take on the role of responsibility and attentiion!
does't that sound wonderful!
if you want more look at my profile!this is my fave pic cuz it's pink!
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