Kakashi's Face,Will of Fire?
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Posted 11/29/09 , edited 11/29/09
I've just watched Naruto Episode 80 and 3rd Hokage just Died and everyone was at the Grave-Yard sad and Having Flash-Backs, Iruka's flash-back was on How iruka was Crying as a Child on his Parents death now comes 3rd and tells him everyone in the Leaf has the Burning will of Fire... I mean is that supposed to be a Jutsu or some kind of chakra or Too much gas in them its really stupid Hes like naruto has the Will of fire lulz Will of fire someone Please explain this. Anyway so after that Kakashi was at Obito's Grave the Grave has a Huge Blue thorn like thingy ive Just noticed that A lot of People on Naruto who died have the same Grave some-where in the Middle of the Forest how does So many Graves with Huge Blue Diamonds on them in the middle of the forest fit Now in Shippuden they have a Grave-Yard were all the dead People are in anyway So then Kakashi talks with his Mask on and while kakashi's talking his Mask shakes like Usual but this time his Mouth Showed:

In the episode his mouth was Closing and Opening as he was talking and That proves that Kakashi has a Normal and Human mouth not like in Episode 101 were naruto and sasuke were day dreaming on how his mouth looks Like maybe he has a Mole or his tounge is kinda like a snake dunno but That proves he has a Normal Mouth,Anyway at the last bit of the Episode,Btw i was watching the dubbed version so anyway Kisame was talking to Itachi on top of Konoha it was Kisames and itachis first appearance anyway his Voice was so Gentlemen-ish Omg it was so weird listing to kisame talk like that in the later episodes His voice becomes kinda crunchy and more Kisame but lol um Nvm im just @[email protected] Lame who talks about a Episode... Lols

Ah! Sorry i posted this on the Wrong Forum i was Supposed to Post this on My Group's Forum >.<
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Posted 11/29/09
Thanks a person who stated their flaw I like it

Wrong Section
Naruto section , but since you said group >.< well yeah .
Posted 11/29/09
Please put this in your group forum.
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