Hey, hope this is in the right place... (request?)
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Posted 12/1/09
Not sure if we are allowed to make requests for series or not but Darker then Black would be great if it was on CR. Currently I have to get my DtB fix on free sites or aznv, but I really like CR so far. Just seems quite a few series are missing... I am not sure how the licensing works for this type of stuff though.

If this is a bad post/not allowed please let me know so I can avoid making requests in the future and annoying people.

Kiki's Customer Support Service
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Posted 12/1/09
You can't really recommend anything to C.R. It just doesn't work that way. If it were that simple then C.R would have had almost everything.
Anyway, threads like these were created before and were all locked.

You could use the thread below and keep your fingers crossed. Name all the anime you want on here or wish for:
what should be the next crunchyroll anime?

Duplicate thread.

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