Since a majority of CR members seem to be in HS...
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Posted 12/1/09 , edited 12/1/09

Works for any windows comp and apparently for linux as well. Makes
an account password mean nothing. It's called Kon-Boot. Use from cd or usb
and just enter the account name, it talks to the kernal and lets you
in. Eject and reboot and the password is back. Slick.

A few friends tested it with success, I have not used it yet simply because I have no use.

I figure the smart ones among you can see how this would be a nifty program to have for home/school use.

Disclaimer: I am in no way suggesting the misuse of this software... if you choose to use it in an evil way, don't blame me. In fact, I don't exist. is the direct link

And yes, that is Kon from Bleach on the main page, part of why I thought it would be fitting to link here.

The really smart ones won't use it maliciously just because of the trouble you might get in.

Note: This software is perfectly legal and is "intended" for if you forget your password and need access. I don't think I really need to spell out other ways to use it....

Have fun, don't be dumb...
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Posted 12/1/09 , edited 12/2/09
CR is not your advertisement spot.
No one cares about this.
It should be locked.
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Posted 12/1/09 , edited 12/2/09
IA that it should be locked. No advertising.

Not to mention, I'm a total loser and I don't condone cheating to get ahead.
Posted 12/1/09 , edited 12/2/09
Although this software would probably be useful to others (especially when I forget my password), it is against our forum rules to advertise any type of group, website, software, etc. Therefore, this topic has been closed from discussion.
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