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Continue the Story

Welll, I felt like starting a 'Continue the Story' thing to see if it actually goes anywhere, soo.. This came out of it. Ta-da! :D

If it ends up that people aren't interested in continuing the story from my intro, then I'll just destroy this topic, or change the starting intro. Whatever others want.

Annnnnd now, it begins!

Adia never thought this would happen.

She stared at the black-haired boy, whispering in disbelief, "What? This whole time, you knew, and yet you still did it?" She fell to her knees, the ground seeming to slip from under her, "Why?"

The boy stared at her impassively, for once showing a steady blankness Adia had never noticed before.

"Because," he started simply as he turned his head to look at the view beyond the large window, "sometimes sacrifices must be made for those you care for. If it was to happen again, I would make the same choice with no regrets, believe me."

Adia shivered at those words. "This.. This isn't the boy I used to know.." she thought, sadness permeating her thoughts. She stayed still and quiet, even as the black-haired boy turned around and walked towards her silently, "like a panther towards it's prey", Adia thought.

He stilled when they were merely inches apart, his lithe but muscular figure looking down at her. As blue eyes met grey, she almost thought she saw his eyes soften for a second, but it went too quickly for her to be sure.

"..You should get some rest," he finally said after a long pause, then turned and walked back towards the window, "We never know what tomorrow will bring."

For a second, Adia was tempted to stay and try to talk reason, but soon decided other wise and got out of the room quickly, thoughts (all tinged with fear and melancholy) running rampant through her mind. "I shouldn't stay here anymore, who knows what he'll do next if I do. I know he sees himself as my guardian, but still.."

She gazed down at the pendant around her neck which portrayed in pure amethyst a beautiful crescent moon, as determination started to seep into her.

"It's my fault this happened in the first place," her mind whirled as she clenched the pendant tightly in her fist, "so I'll have to be the one to stop it."

And so, at the break of dawn, she ran.

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She had to pack light. An unreasonable amount of baggage would slow her down considerably. When Bain noticed that Aria was no longer in her room he would come looking for her. And if she wasn't careful he would find her. So Adia settled for packing with what was only necessary. Three pairs of socks, an extra set of clothing, and a blanket that would keep her warm during the cold nights before she found a place to stay. She fit all of these items into a leather bag that she could easily carry over her shoulder without it weighing her down.

Adia changed into a more masculine set of clothing. Heavy boots that had to be fastened up from the back, an oversized white cotton shirt that was tucked into a simple pair of equally baggy pants that hid any curves she might have possessed. She looked in the full length mirror that Bain had hung for her and tugged on her long braided hair. She came to a simple decision: the hair would have to go. She looked around the room, opened every drawer and looked under her bed. Nothing sharp enough to cut her hair was in Adia’s room. Bain would never leave something that could hurt her around. She would have to do it later.

Bain did really care about her. He would risk his life for her. She knew that. But the more you care about someone the more you hurt them. And the people around them.


The wind thrashed against her face and rattled the trees around her. The sun was still stuck behind the mountains and the sky was mixed with autumn colors. She was far outside the land that belonged to Bain's family, but she wouldn't stop running. Her plan was to travel to the nearest town. It ended there. Whatever happened, happened. As long as she stayed away from Bain everything would be fine.

It had to be.
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After about an hour or so of a hasty mixture of sprinting, jogging, and fast-paced walking, Adia's optimism convinced her that it was safe to slow down. She looked up at the sun, that was now peeking out over the mountains and smiling a bright, "Good morning!" to the valleys below. She figured it was about 7am. Bain sleeps in on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The days he doesn't work. But on days he does work. . . Adia shuttered at the image of Bain cracking her door open just enough to check on her, and her not being there to check on. What day is it? The previous few days had done so much damage to Adia's well-being and state of mind, that she'd not been bothering with her school. She just hadn't needed the extra stress and drama. But as a result, she didn't remember what day it was.

Tuesday? Or Wednesday? Adia felt her heart rate rising in a slight panic. If it's Wednesday. . . then, by now. . . She gave the sun another glance. . . . By now, he's noticed. Adrenaline hyped through her at the thought. She began to thrust one foot after the other with growing haste. Her speed increased until she was in a full sprint. Adia started to wonder what would happen if Bain found her, if he caught her. I can't let him! I just can't. Sweat began to mat her hair and creep down the sides of her face and head. Her breathing started to grow heavy. Then something caught her eye. Up ahead, maybe a quarter mile, was a house. Large, dark, and all by itself. Other than that, she couldn't make out much about it. Who would have a house so detached from everyone else? she wondered as she came closer with every step.

By the time Adia reached it, she was able to see it much better. It was obviously abandoned. Very beat up, and old fashioned. What a shame. Would be a beautiful place if it wasn't so. . . she looked at the many broken windows and decaying walls, . . . creepy. As she rested briefly and examined it further, more adjectives came to her mind. Dirty. Gross. Run-down. Adia's disgust soon outweighed her curiosity.

Just as Adia was finishing catching her breath and getting ready to trudge on, she heard the faint sound of a car. Hardly anyone drives this road. Her heart thumped a bit harder. She turned around and looked down the straight, endless road. There, about a half a mile down, was a deep green Honda. Adia knew the look of it's front grill and windshield all too well. Bain. The name hit her consciousness as an exclamation, a statement, and a cry of panic all at once.

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Looking between the dilapidated house and Bain's car, she had to make a choice between getting caught by the black-haired boy or possibly wallowing in filth. Making a split-second choice (and glad that she had packed that extra pair of clothes), she crawled into the house through that had been worn down in the side through years decay and erosion.

She looked around at her surroundings (which seemed to be an old but surprisingly clean living room) then sighed and got up from crawling position and walked over to the nearest window, looking out it into the road. "Please don't stop, please don't stop, please don't stop.." She muttered over and over to herself desperately as the car slowly got bigger.

Sadly, the fates seemed to be against her as the Honda slowed down and stopped directly in front of the house.

"Oh, crud!" She whispered to herself, ducking out of sight and scrambling for a place to hide.

As Adia heard the door to Bain's car open and snap shut, her panic rose as noticed that there would no good hiding spots that she could see.

Just as she was about to give up she heard a "Psst! Over here!" below her and to her right. Looking down, Adia noticed something she hadn't before.

A very subtle trapdoor.

Which, at that moment, just happened to have a girl's head peeking out of it.

Adia brows furrowed, and she started "Wha-"

"We don't have time! If you really don't want to get caught by that guy, get in here!"

Just realizing that the footsteps outside were coming up the porch stairs, Adia leaped into the trapdoor, and the girl shut it quietly, right before the house's front door opened, leaving darkness down below.

Suddenly, there was a small light, courtesy of the match the other girl was putting into a nearby portable oil lamp. It was only then that Adia could get a good look at the girl.

This girl was not what you would expect for someone living in an abandoned old house. Her hair was deep brown, which brightened into dirty blonde at her shoulders. Her eyes were a honey brown, and she was wearing a red dress and blue corset, as seemed to be the fashion with a lot of girls those days (the clothes, at least, not the specific colors).

Slowly, very slowly, the footsteps above the two faded away and they could hear the car door close and Bain drive away.

The brown-haired girl sighed from relief, and pushed the trapdoor open and got out of it (taking the lamp with her), stating simply, "Well, that was a close one."

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Adia crawled on her hands and knees over to a murky window. Looking through all the sludge and dirt she saw Bain's car driving away. She was surprised he hadn't looked longer than he had. Then again, there weren't many places for Adia to hide in the rundown house, other than the hidden trapdoor. With a sigh of relief she turned her back to the window and slid down. She wasn't as good at this running thing as she thought she would be. Her heart was pounding out of her chest and into her throat.

"So what you running from?"

Adia looked over at the girl who had just saved her behind. "Just somebody I thought I knew."

"Well that is a given. What I want to know is what you running from?"

Adia didn't say anything. What had happened... it wasn't something she ever wanted to talk about again. With anyone. As silence filled the room Adia shifted uncomfortably. She glanced back at the girl who was staring straight at her. She was still waiting for an answer. "Thank you. For helping me back there. I don't know how I can make it up."

A smile floated to the girl's lips and she shook her head, "Don't worry about it. Us woman have to stick together. These days we get no respect." Adia was unsure of what the girl was talking about. In recent times woman had actually gone higher up in society. Better then men almost.

"I'm Adia."


The both gave each other a friendly nod and the familiar silence consumed the room again. After several minutes ticked by Aria stood and brushed the dust from her clothes. "I should get going. I need to," she paused, "I need to get going." Season stumbled to her feet after hearing this. "Do you think maybe I could come with you?" Adia gave the girl the most confused expression she could muster.


Season shrugged. She pulled Adia over to an easier way to get out of the house than crawling through what remained of it. Adia stepped into the muddy earth and looked up toward the mountains. The sun had finally climbed it's way above the mountains and was fully shining. Season stood, still in the house, waiting for Adia to approve her proposition. When Adia turned and began walking into the musky forest Season's hope disappeared. She turned to go back into the house.

"Aren't you coming?"

Season spun around to see Adia leaning against a pine tree, waiting for her. "I-I-am-am- yeah!" She danced over to Adia who began walking again when Season had reached her. "Do you know how long I've been in that house for?" Adia absent mindlessly shook her head and asked, "How long?"

"A hundred seventeen years." Season said with a matter-of-fact tone.

"That's nice," Adia had lost her concentration with the conversation going on between the two of them. She had just realized something. Bain would never stop looking.
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The realization struck her with a fierce blow. Fear started to grip at her heart, and despair was slowly creeping up on her. He was always going to look. Always.

Turn back. Turn back. Turn back and apologize. Turn back! her mind screamed. Adia stopped walking. Maybe she should go back.

"What are you doing?" Season's voice curiously asked.

Adia froze. What was she doing?! She couldn't give up now. It was too early. She could do this. She could do this. Everything was going to be okay. Just great. Wonderful. Oh god, who was she kidding. She needed to get out of here. Fast.

Adia mentally slapped herself for being so weak. She couldn't be afraid now. It was too late for that. She started walking again, but quicker. Much quicker. The soft breezes seemed to be whispering to her. Faster... Faster... Faster...

Season hurried after her, unfazed by Adia's behavior. "Where are we going?" she asked.

"I don't know," Adia answered.
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"Well, for starters, where's the nearest, umm. . ." Season glanced around briefly, ". . . civilization?"

Adia breathed a flat chuckle. "Well. About the rest of the days walk west." She gave a quick nod forward. "We just gotta keep following this road, with a somewhat quick pace, and we should be at the next town by the time the sun is down." Adia was winging it completely. She really had not thought that through at all. But as it came out of her mouth, it sounded legitamate and convincing. Saying it out loud, as if it she had planned it, helped her to feel like this whole thing wasn't the craziest thing she'd ever done, and that maybe, just maybe, it'd work out in the end.

"Walk for the whole day!?" Season's eyes went wide. It reminded Adia of honey on a saucer. "I dont know if I can do that, it's not like I exercised everyday you know."

"We'll be okay." Adia turned her head to give a quick half-smile to her new companion. The last thing I thought I'd be doing as I run away is encouraging someone. She shook her head at herself. How did I get to feeling so hopeless in the first place? Adia barely finished her thought before she remembered the night before. She felt hope flee out her heart's back door. What remained was hope's less optimistic cousin, determination. Adia felt much less cheerful. But it was something.

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After walking for awhile, the two came to an intersection. Where the road that they were following before seemed unused and old, you could see that the other had seen a healthy amount of travelers, and had four lanes instead of two (two lanes for carriages, two for cars).

Season blinked curiously at it, trying to remember something from long ago. "I don't remember this road. Where exactly does it go?" she finally said, turning to look at Adia with questions in her eyes.

Adia looked up it, then shrugged and sat down on a nearby log, taking a sip from her canteen (which she thankfully brought with her at the last minute). It wouldn't hurt to take a short break, after all. Looking over at Season (who also sat down), she explained, "Everywhere that's far away. This road is part of what's known simply as The Main, one roadway that seems to be endless and lead anywhere in this country." After taking another sip, she continued, "They added it around fifty years ago, if I remember correctly."

Season's eyebrow's perked up, like she had just found something of interest, and then she turned to stare intensely at the road as she asked Adia "Do you usually get lots of travelers on it?"

Wondering exactly where this was going, Adia corked her canteen as she commented, "Yeah, some. Not as many as most places, but around ten to fifteen a day, at least."

Then that strange, bright, floaty smile came to Season's lips again, "Perfect."

She then turned to look at Adia again, and the other girl could almost see the wheels turning in her head as she said, "You wanted to get away fast, right? Well then, I think I have a plan."

(an hour later)

Adia sighed as she and Season waited by the edge of the road, making sure they couldn't be seen as she said for the hundredth time, "Are you sure this is going to work?"

Season (who had now covered herself in more dirt and grime to match Adia) exclaimed happily, "Of course it will! After all, I've had some practice at this before I was stuck in that blasted house!" Noticing someone coming down The Main, she quieted down and signaled Adia to get ready.

Adia got up slowly, rolling her shoulders and running her hand through her (now short and very choppy) hair. It seemed that the plan involved her pretending to be a boy (which kind of made sense, since that's what she had planned in the first place). As the carriage got closer, Adia leaned on Season as if she was about to pass out from exhaustion.

Right before the carriage was on top of them, Season walked out (basically carrying Adia) and fell to her knees, making the carriage driver pull the reins hurriedly so they wouldn't be trampled by the horses. The driver grumbled angrily and got down from his seat to look at exactly what it was that got in his way.

It was then that Season and Adia got a good look at him. He was extremely pale and didn't seem any older than them, with light grey hair with a (black) headband and black eyes that seemed to glare coldly at them. He moved towards them, his black clothes rustling with movement, as he angrily asked, "What the hell was that for?!"

Adia kept laying limply against Season's shoulder as the brown haired girl put her acting skills to use. Season looked up at the boy pleadingly, weakness and desperation seeming to be a part of her whole being. "Please, sir," She said frailly, "will you take us to the nearest city?" Season's voice started choking from pretend tears, "Me and my brother were lost in the woods for days, and we have no idea where were are. Please," the girl continued as false tears threatened to spill over her eyes, "if we don't get to a hospital soon, my brother will surely die." She then gestured at Adia, who (with the mix of acting, mud, and cut hair) seemed like a pale and sickly boy on the verge of death.

Scoffing angrily, the boy turned around to get back on his seat and start up the horses as he said simply "Go tell your pity story to someone else. I have to work to do."

Then Season started up the waterworks. Clutching Adia tightly (but not too tightly), she sobbed fully, tears running down her face, as Adia thought to herself, "Wow, she's good."

Looking at the tragic scene, the boy sighed, stating softly, "Fine." Hardening up soon after, he said, "But you better not cause me any trouble or expect me to do anything else for you, alright?"

Her tears slowly turning into her trademark floaty grin, Season replied, "Oh, thank you, sir! You won't regret it!"

Sighing and rolling his eyes, the boy said, "Yeah, yeah. And stop it with the 'sir' crap, alright? The name's Lysander."

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Lysnader was sitting in the couch's seat of the wagon, holding loosely onto the horse rains. All the while Season was rolling around in the back of the wagon. Layers and layers of smooth fox furs were placed in the back and Season smothered herself in them. Adia could not do the same. She was leaned against one of the carriage walls pretending to have passed out. She could fall asleep if she so wished. Her feet were already worn from all the walking and it felt nice to finally rest- for longer than a couple of minutes.

Lysander would look back at the two every few minutes, with what seemed like a permanent scowl plastered on his face. "Stop doing that. You will wear them down. They need to be in their best condition so I can sell them at a high price." He turned back toward the rode and gave the horses a small snap with the rains.

"So that must make you a merchant?" Season asked releasing the pile of furs she had thrown on top of herself. She scrambled closer to Lysander and waited for his reply. He looked back at her again, "Yeah. I work with furs and spices." Season let out "ohh" and "aww" sounds as she leaned in closer to him. "My father worked with furs too. I heard spices were a tough business."

He nodded but said nothing. Season took this as a hint to shut up and get back. She shuffled her way over to Adia and sank in next to her.

What seemed like hours past before Lysander spoke up. "What are your names?" Season perked to attention and bubbly replied, "I'm Season and my brother's name is -" Season stopped abruptly and searched her mind for a name, "Male. Yes Male." She began nodding to herself in agreement. Adia wanted to punch Season. What kind of name was that? Adia opened her eyes slowly and let out a groan.

"Male is awake! How you feeling Male?" Season patted Adia on the shoulder. She kept putting emphasis on the word "male" drawing it out longer than any other word.

"Okay." Adia said, deepening her voice to sound like a guy. She was very convincing.

"Whatever. Just don't get sick on the furs or anything." Lysander cracked his whip and the horses walk turned into a trot.

"I won't," Adia said in a low tone.

Again everything was swept into silence. If not for the creak of the wagon and occasional whinny from the horses Adia might have gone insane. What was she thinking when she set out alone? She couldn't stand being alone, couldn't stand not hearing someone's voice. After Season became bored she began chattering to Adia (or Male) about how happy she was to be out of the house. She managed to talk about this until the wagon came to a sudden stop. A husky voice could be heard outside.

"What you got in the wagon?" It said.

"Furs. And two travelers." Lysander said as he lifted the wagon tarp open for the guard to see. The guard nodded and swung his arms forward. The horses started up again. Season rolled to the front of the wagon.

"Where are we?" She asked.

"Just outside Festand." He replied.

She nodded, though she had never heard of Festand. Adia had though. Plenty of times. And she never dreamed she would be going there.
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It had been merely a few moments after they had passed the gaurd check when Lysander shifted his glance to peek at Adia. "You seem to be feeling better." She then realized that she hadn't been acting as frail or as sick as earlier.

"Well, resting seems to help a lot," she managed in her attempt of a man voice. Lysander gave a chuckle that actually had a sort of humorous melody to it.

"Say, howza-bout you drop the man act?" He turned with raised eyebrows at the two girls. "Since you already got what you wanted from me." Season's eyes widened a bit as she met his glance. Adia, on the other hand, wasn't too surprised. How could she be, after Season's terrible carelessness with her fake name? Nonetheless, neither of them could think of what to say. So, Adia started to clean herself up. She sat up straight and ran her fingers through her now much shorter hair in an attempt to comb it. "Not sick either, eh?" Lysander snorted. "Thought not." Adia couldn't really take the feeling of inferiority too much more.

"Look Lysander," she put emphasis on his name. "Sorry we lied. But we're willing to do what we have to. So, thank you for the ride, and for letting me know that I no longer needed to use a husky voice or act ill." Lysander took in her appology and gratitude. "Yeah, whatever, it wasn't a big deal." He gave a light whip on his reins. "So what's your real name?" He turned to look at her again, now that she looked a fraction more lady-like.

"Adia." She blinked at him.

"Are you lying?" Adia gave him one raised eyebrow in reply. He shrugged and turned back again to face the road. "Nice to meetcha, Ah-dee-yuh." Adia imagined he was rolling his pale, gray eyes. Season looked at Adia as they shared a bit of a knowing exchange. They both felt Lysander had softened just a bit since he had picked them up. "So what business do you two have in Festand?"

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That was the wrong question to ask.

Adia tensed up almost immediately, nervous about giving up information to (basically) a total stranger, and instead stayed quiet as excuses refused to pop into her head. It seemed that Season had conveniently decided it was Adia-and-Lysander-talk-time and went back to roll in the fox furs when Lysander wasn't looking. Gee, thanks so much for the help, Season, Adia thought cynically.

After figuring Adia would just stay silent, the white-haired boy looked back at her, smirking. "You know that not saying anything just means I can take my own guesses at it, right?" He chuckled very lightly as he turned to help the horses navigate the traffic as Adia kept quiet. "I'll just take that as the go-ahead, then.

"Well, you'd have to be pretty desperate to come up with such a harebrained scheme to use on someone."

"Hey!" Season said indignantly as she popped her head out of the fox furs, "My idea was not harebrained!"

"..Scratch that, you must be really desperate to go with HER harebrained scheme." he said, smirking lightly. "And didn't I tell you to get out of those furs already?"

Season pouted sulkily, but reluctantly rolled out of them and sat near Adia.

"So, let's see," Lysander said, continuing to try to figure out Adia, "You were desperate, and from what Miss Not-so-Genius over there said when we just met up (he ignored Season's cries of indignation this time), you weren't trying to get nearer to Festand, but farther away from something else." He then looked back at them again, actually making direct eye-contact with Adia as he concluded, "You guys a runaway case, then?"

Adia blinked, her eyes widening is amazement as she said simply, "You're good."

"Heh, I try." He turned back around and flicked the horses reins lightly. "Since you're the type who won't answer questions you don't like, I won't even bother asking why you ran away."

Adia sighed and looked down, unwanted thoughts of Bain and exactly what made her run away floating through her mind. Her thoughts ere interrupted by one last question from Lysander.

"So, I'm guessing that means you guys have nowhere to stay in Festand, huh?"

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"I think it's time for you to rest."

Bain looked up at Lily, one of his servants. Bain had returned home after searching relentlessly for Adia. He only came back to search her room for clues on why she left. After ransacking her room- and finding nothing- he sat down on her bed holding his head in his hands- trembling with anger.

"I can't. I need to fine her. I need to know why she left." His voice shook with anguish.

Lily sat next to him on the bed, "Do you really not know why?"

Bain gave her a confused look, "Of course not." She sighed and looked at the mirror standing in front of her. "She was scared. After last night what do you expect? You didn't even explain to her why you did it." Bain pushed himself of the bed, pulled the necklace that hung around his neck off and threw at the mirror. The mirror shattered and it's broken pieces tumbled to the floor, but the necklace was left unharmed. "Everything I do is for her! Do you think that he was not my friend too? I only did what I had too." He was shaking furiously.

Lily stood from her spot on the bed and began toward the door. It was time for her to go. "Calm down and think. Remember before. Tell me how did you find her before?" She looked at the necklace laying with the shattered glass. Bain's eyes met it and a light bulb snapped on. He pushed the glass away, picked it up and looked deeply into the amethyst jewel hanging from it. Of course. How could he have forgotten? As long as she was wearing hers he would know where she was.

"Thank yo-" Bain looked up to thank Lily but she was already gone.
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Lysander instantly regretted the inquiry. They're gunna say no, and the only thing I'll be able to reply with is a blasted offer for them to stay with me. He ran his unoccupied left hand through his gray mess of hair, unintentionally giving it even more unwanted volume than it already possessed. Just what I need; attachments.

"N- No, we dont. . ." Adia answered hesitantly, as if this hadn't occurred to her before. Lysander almost let a remark about planning ahead slip, but managed to hold his tongue. A moment of silence engulfed the trio for a few seconds before Lysander found the words for an answer.

"Ahh, you could stick with me until you two get your feet on the ground, I guess." He gladly kept his eyes on the road. He had never been good at offering anything to anyone. It made him feel vulnerable; one of his least favorite feelings. "If you want," he added. Lysander didn't want to give the impression that they HAD to stay with him. A moment passed, and Lysander assumed his two passengers were exchanging looks in order to decide whether or not to accept his suspicious offer or not. He had never understood women and their way of speaking with their eyes. As far as Lysander was concerned, if you have something to discuss, then discuss it.

"That's very kind of you. . . " he heard Adia start. Rejection in 3. . . "but. . ." 2. . . "we really shou--" Adia was cut off by Season's chipper voice.

"We'd be delighted to stay with you Lysander, how can we ever thank you?"

A few ideas of "thanks" flew through Lysander's mind before he could stop them. He blinked hard and gave his head a tiny shake. He knew he wasn't the most polite of people, but he knew the importance of respect. "No thanks required," he chuckled. He could feel Adia's stare on him.

"But it's necessary!"

"Well that's what I meant. No thanks necessary."

"It's about as necessary as can be, silly!" Season sounded persistent. So Lysander shrugged.

"Whatever, kid." This appeared to satisfy the insistent one. But Lysander could still feel the hole that Adia was burning in the back of his head with her suspicious stare. He was thankful the road gave him an excuse not to meet it. Too desperate to argue, huh? He grinned to himself. Something tells me that Princess back there isn't too used to feeling desperate. Heh. Probably more along the lines of. . . Lysander's ears twitched at the sound of a tiny bang, like someone had fumbled, followed with Adia's voice.

"Ow! My nail!"

. . . pampered.

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Season bounced happily up and down as Lysander kept driving the wagon and Adia nursed her broken nail. Oh my Gods, this is so exciting! I can't wait to see what happens next! Of course, life was always an adventure to me, even BEFORE that stupid house... Season looked down, mood suddenly turning somber, When I was still normal...

"Why did you do that?"

Brought out of her thoughts by the sudden whispered question, the brown-haired girl looked up to see Adia (who had finally gotten over her poor nail) glaring at her accusingly. Season shrugged, whispering back, "What? It got us shelter, didn't it? That's all that matters." The looked of distrust still on the other girl's face, Season gave her trademark floaty smile and said, "Trust me! I've been in these types of situations before!"

Season watched as Adia rolled her eyes and muttered, "Suuure, that's what you said last time.."

She doesn't get it. Oh, well.. "And look were we are now! Far away from that guy, and with the promise of food and shelter until we get our own place!" Season's grin got even more cheerful, as she placed a hand on the other girl's shoulder. "This may be madness, but there is method to it."

The wagon came to an abrupt halt, making Season topple over from her half sitting/half squatting position and fall flat on her face, making Adia laugh quietly from behind her hand. Of course. Why does this stuff always happen to me? The Gods must have a vendetta against me for some unknown reason, or something! First the curse from that bloody house, and now this. Grr..

Even as the brown haired girl continued her thoughts, she noticed when Lysander turned around from his seat and said, "If you two are done with your little girl-talk, you might be glad to know that we're here."

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Adia crawled out from the wagon and landed on an uneven cobble pathway. They were parked outside of what appeared to be am old inn. She observed her surroundings, searching for anyone she knew. No one. Good. She allowed herself to relax a bit more. Season came out from the wagon looking oddly nervous.

"Put it back."

Adia looked over to Lysander as he jumped from the carriage. He was glaring at Season, a knowing glare. Season pulled out one of the furs and threw it back into the wagon. "They are just so soft." She said trying to defend herself.

"Yeah. Yeah." Lysander waved his hand at her. He grabbed the rains to one of the horses and began leading it into a small stable next to the inn. Season and Adia waited for him to return. When he did he pushed past them and into the motel.

"Back again." Adia heard a worn voice as she followed Lysander in. "You've brought companions?"

"Shut up. I'm just helping these two girls out." He motioned to the both of them, "Season, Adia," now to the old man sitting behind a counter, "Old Man."

"Hello." Season said walking further in. "This place is great. Take care of it yourself?"

The man shook his head, "Yeah. Sometimes my kid helps, but he is busy with his own work."

"My dad used to own a place just like this."

"Wha-?" Adia could have sworn Season had said the her dad was a merchant. Her head suddenly was pushed down. She looked up to find Lysnader's hand on top of her head. His other hand was reached atop to Seasons. "How much will their room cost?" Thank God. She was scared out of her skin that the three of them would have to share a room.

"Free of charge. With all the business you give me I owe you."

Lysander nodded and removed his hands from their heads. "I'm going to go sell off my furs. Watch these two. Make sure they don't get in any trouble." From the way he was talking it sounded like he could care less with what happened to them. Lysander was gone in an instant. Old Man was smiling at the two of them. Season was twirling around the room, touching everything.

"You wanna see your room?"
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