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Frustration blazed through Bain. It was taking everything in him to peer into the amethyst that would normally be beautiful and clear. But now it appeared foggy and unclear.

'Blast!!" he shouted to himself. "Blast stupid rules about negative auras!" He had completely forgot about this rule, up until this point. Bain could hear the voice of the old man that sold him the amethyst pairs mocking him; "If your aura is of positive energy, you can find the other amethyst wearer without a problem. If your aura is of negative energy, it will be a great deal more difficult." At the time, Bain had thought nothing of it. Now all he could do was curse it.

"Damnit. I wont let this keep me from her." He stressed his eyes harder, looking deeper into its lovely purple depths. Moments after moments passed, and Bain was growing impatient, as he often did. Just when he was considering taking a break to eat his favorite food (turkey and cream cheese sandwhich), he just barely caught a glimpse of an old-fashion styled motel-looking building. But as quickly as it had come, it went. But it was more than enough to lift Bain's spirits. He shot up without hesitation and practically leaped out his bedroom door.

"An inn, an inn!! A motel! Ahahaa!"

Here and there a servant would eye him curiously as he went from room to room excitedly getting ready to head out. One thing that Adia had adored about Bain, was his boy-ish excitment. Well, once I search every inn from here to Galadax, and I find her, she'll be able to see me excited again.

As Bain rushed to the grand-entrance room, he nearly slipped on the rug where guests wipe their feet, but caught himself, and dashed out the door without another word to anyone.
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Once he got to the indoor market, Lysander pulled the fox furs out of the wagon and maneuvered around similar carriages (and for the richer merchants, vans) to get through the front door and finally set his wares down at his stand. From there it was just the usual bartering and selling. To some, this was a hard task that took all their concentration and skill in order to get an average sale for their goods.

But for Lysander, this was an art.

The grey-haired boy leaned back against his booth looking casually at his hands as he stated calmly to the latest buyer, "Sorry, but two-hundred-and-fifty per fur. No exceptions, even to a well-off businessman like yourself."

The buyer (an older man in a nice suit, in this case,) sputtered, speechless at clear disrespect Lysander was giving him, and the grey-haired boy sighed at it, smirking on the inside. "Look," he continued boredly, as if he had far better places to be than there, "You can either buy my furs- which you know are the best- or you can go to some other vendor and buy furs half the price which are of waaay less quality. It's your choice, I don't care either way." He shrugged lazily, his smirk now starting to show on his face, already knowing the outcome.

As he thought, the man ended up buying all of the skins he wanted at Lysander's booth, and afterwards the grey haired boy sat back his chair(his booth far lighter but his wallet far heavier than before), waiting until the next buyer came around. He put his hands behind his head and looked up at the ceiling, wondering about the two girls he left at the inn.

I wonder if the Old Man has started those two on any chores yet?
He smirked again, knowing that 'free' to his Old Man only meant 'of no monetary cost'. Thankfully for Season and Adia, he would never push newcomers too hard with the tasks they were given. Eh, I'm sure that Season girl will do fine, she seems like the type to not mind a little bit of hard work. Miss Pampered, though...

Lysander's smirk only got wider and he let out a few chuckles at the thought of the look upon Adia's face at the many calluses and broken nails she would probably have by the end of it. ..That'll be fun to see when I get back.

After a bit more pondering, he was brought out of his thoughts by another buyer who, this time, wanted to have some of his spices. And so, the cycle went on again and again until all his wares were sold out and he walked out of the market with plenty of cash in his pockets and a smug look on his face.

Heh, not hard at all.
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Posted 1/5/10

Season smiled lightly as she brushed her hair out of her face and continued cleaning up the tables in the tavern (which was connected to the rest of the inn). For room and board, this work the Old Man gave her so far seemed pretty easy. As she crashing coming from the kitchen, she grimaced, Well, easy for me, at least.

So far, things didn't seem to be going as well for Adia. While Season did things with a practiced familiarity, the other girl seemed to have the grace of a goose trying to walk in high heels: none at all. Season continued on cleaning the tables, even as there was another crash in the kitchen, followed by a barely-suppressed scream of fury and finally a fully-enraged Adia stomping over to where Season was almost done with the tables.

Looking up at Adia while wiping the last bits of grime from the final table, Season stated simply, "You haven't had much experience with this type of work, I'm guessing?"

Rolling her eyes while gesturing to her dishwater-soaked clothes and dirty fingernails, Adia said, "You think?"

Her trademark floaty smile came to Season face and put the cleaning rag down and put her hand reassuringly on Adia's shoulder. "Hey don't worry about it, alright? Since I just finished tables, I wouldn't mind helping you with the dishes!" She put her hands on her hips and continued, "Besides, misery loves company, right? I'll just be your company!"

As she watched Adia clam down and smile lightly, season thought, Remember: The faster she gets happy, the higher the probability that stupid house's curse will be lifted offa me.

When they got back to the kitchen (which was right now a mess of dishwater and broken dish shards), Season cleaned up the mess and then two started on work. Suprisingly, with Season around to help and advise, the dishes were done pretty quickly and with no further messes.

Soon, they finished and started walking to their rooms. They almost got there, but were stopped by a familiar voice.

"What, done already? And here I was, hoping I could give you moral support."

The two girls turned around, seeing Lysander with a smug look on his face and his arms crossed. Season grinned, then glomped him, saying excitedly, "Hi, Lysander! Don't worry about us, the tasks were pretty easy, so there's no need."

Lysander pushed Season off and rolled his eyes at her, then made eye contact with Adia and, smirking, said to her "Easy for you, too, Princess, or just her?"

Adia glared back at Lysander, not dignifying what he said with a response.

At the same time, Season, looked between the two, and noticing the tension there, began to smile.

Well, this is turning out to be more interesting than I thought it would be!
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Posted 1/9/10

Adia wasn't enjoying Lysander's smug look in the least. So, she made an attempt to wipe it off his face. "Was cake. I'm as used to these kind of chores as much as the next runaway."

"Bullshit." Lysander bit out immediately, with solid confidance. Adia held back a grimmace. Was she so easy to read? Or did he just have an aptitude for such a thing?

"I assure you, doing the mere dishes is really not a big deal to me." She really was trying her best to be convincing without looking like she was trying too hard. She didn't want to be known for not being able to hold her own in the rough-and-tough world she had just thrust herself into. Skepticism was displayed on Lysander's face like Pablo Picasso's work is displayed at an art gallery. Then his eyebrow twitched.

"Dishes?!" He seemed surprised, and maybe even upset.

The girls' eyebrows rose and they looked at each other, a bit confused. "Uhh. . . Yeah?" they answered in unison. Lysander stood for another second before walking to the doorway of the hall where they were and swinging his head out it, but leaving the rest of himself against the door-frame that was facing the girls.

"DISHES?!" He shouted to the Old Man's unknown whereabouts. He paused to let a response come. Old Man's voice came from the second floor, directly above Lysander. He was next to a room door, now peering over the railing of the second floor's walkway, down at the merchant.

"What're you going on about now, you rascal?"

"I bring you two able-bodied, young people, and you have them doing dishes. But when I have the spare time, you have me climbing on roofs to fix leaks, tightening pipes, lighting water heaters, and chopping wood!!"

The girls looked at each other with realization now. They nodded with understanding. Then they both smiled, and began to giggle together. Lysander turned to give a glare before Old Man responded.

"They're lovely young ladies, boy! You ought to learn and respect that about them! You don't give a a woman a man's work, not any day of the week!" He threw one of his tattered green slippers at him from his place above. Lysander dodged it with ease. "Besides, none of that kind of work needs done 'round here today. . ."

"Bastard! You just favor them because they're pretty! You old pervert!!" Down came the other slipper, faster this time, hitting Lysander square in the face. Adia and Season laughed openly at this. But Adia still felt the slight warmth in her cheeks for hearing herself being called pretty. Even if it was by Lysander.

He was now walking back to them, mumbling to himself and rubbing his face where the slipper had hit. "It's not funny!" he snapped at their giggles.

"Y- Yes it is." Season insisted. Then she headed over to him and gave him a sock to the arm. "You bully. Wanting us to do all that horrid manly work!" Lysander shrugged.

"It would have been amusing."

Adia rolled her eyes and kicked him in the shin playfully. "Jerk."

Lysander let his toothy grin laugh at her. "If I was a jerk, you wouldn't have a place to stay." He raised an eyebrow as he added, "And you wouldn't be smiling like that, Princess."

Adia then realized how broad her smile had become. And how geniune. But she didn't withdraw it, despite the guilt waking inside her. I shouldn't feel bad about being happy without Bain. Why should I? He always wanted me to be happy. So now I am.

"Well, Lysander. Perhaps you're no jerk. But you can be very rude, coniving, and I'm thinking manipulative too." It looked like Lysander was masking hurt with a scowl when Adia added, "But I think you're a good person."

To everyone's surprise, Lysander's face softened, and his pale cheeks turn the very faintest shade of pink. Season burst into a smile immediately. "What's this?!! A blush, could it be?" She locked her arm around his neck and gave him a thourough nuggy. His cheeks continued to pinken, and the girls savored this delightful, rare occurance as he squirmed to get free.

I can be happy without him. Adia thought as she let herself feel happy and peaceful, for the first time in days.

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Lily came running out the door after Bain, holding the bags he had forgotten. He was sitting in his car, tapping his fingers impatiently against the steering wheel. She pulled open the trunk door and piled the bags in.

"Hurry up!"

Bain called back to her. The car seemed to me shaking with his anticipation. She slammed the trunk shut and climbed into the passenger seat. "Do you know where you're going?" She asked Bain.

"I know I'm taking the old rode. Only places with inns like that are in the cities that it leads too."

Lily nodded and buckled her seat belt. The moment her seat belt clicked, confirming she was in safe, Bain was off. Lily brought her grip down on arm rest. Usually Bain was a safe, rule abiding, driver, but not when he was excited. He was mumbling to himself, Lily couldn't make it, but she knew it was about Adia. Everything was always about Adia. Every breath he took, every move he made, all for her. She was so undeserving. Never appreciating a thing he did for her. Only thinking of herself!

"What is wrong Lily?" His voice brought her out of her head. "You look pissed. Is it me? Is it cause I snapped at you? Sorry. I just dragged you along, didn't even ask if you wanted to go. You know you are the only one I trust enough to bring along."

She felt her face relax and shift from what was unconscious anger, to sweet content. "I'm fine, sir. Thank you for your concern."

Bain nodded and put his attention back on the rode. "There is the sweet disposition I know and love."

She turned her face to look out the window. She didn't want him to see the creeping blush on her cheeks. The trees flew by as blurs. They were going to be to the old rode soon. Much to soon. If only there was a way for Lily to stop him. It would be best if he just let Adia go. But Lily knew he would never forget about Adia. He would never give up.
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Posted 2/5/10
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Bain kept his eyes focused on the road even as his mind flashed to other subjects. Lily sat quietly and peacefully at his side, seeming, from Bain's perspective, to always somehow know what was best for him. It had been that way since they were children.

Whenever he did something (usually for Adia) that had almost gotten him hurt, Lily was always there with her smile, breaking his fall or pulling him away before it was too late. She was the only one whoever seemed to really care about him and Adia, except for...

No, he thought, stopping his mind from wandering any closer to that subject, he's dead. There's nothing left to think about. All that matters now is Adia.

As he finally brought himself out of thought, he noticed the house that he had checked for her coming closer, nothing seeming to have changed with it.

"Wait a minute.." he whispered to himself out loud, gaining the attention of Lily.

"Sir?" She asked him, curious, "What is it?"

Bain looked to her briefly, a smile growing on his face, as he said, "I think we just found our first clue."

~~~~~Meanwhile, with a NEW character!~~~~

Sightless eyes watched everything happening with the five, as a chuckle escaped thin lips. The boy, a Seer, dropped out of prayer, and stood up, making his all-white clothing shift. He could feel the eyes of the preists on him as he flicked back his long purple hair, then said,

"It seems The Five are all on their paths. The time of The Prophecy is closer than we thought."

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Adia stared down at her necklace. it was a beautiful dark purple and shaped like a crescent. The two tips were sharp and I was positive that used in the right way they would easily draw blood.

She'd been staring at the necklace ever since I woke up. It had been a peaceful night and I had fallen asleep easily. My dreams were miscellaneous snapshots of my long life. I remembered the time before the curse of that drasted house. I hated that place. God was it a relieve to be gone. I owed Adia that much. Would she ever know how grateful I am?

I was bound to that place. A step to far out of that circle of runes encompassing the house and I felt my breathing become labored. Slowly my heart would start pumping at extraordinary speeds. Things became fuzzy in my normally clear eyesight. I felt hot, cold, burning and freezing all at once. It was like the fires of hell just, well, worse. Much worse. I remember dropping to the floor writhing and trying to scream only to find myself unable.

To be honest It was scary.

Whenever mother used to sit with me by the fireside she would tale stories. Some were legends or fairy tales, others were Myths. Every time it would be something different.
The times when there were curses in the story I would be enthralled. I found them fascinating. Listening to the hero or heroine fighting against magic spells and curses from evil people, I would inwardly cheer them on. But when I was the subject to a curse, it was different.

Everything revolved around the curse. Every move I made had to be thought out and the consequences considered. It was like being chained, but the chains were things that would stay for a very long time and there weren't locks to pick.. After all, I was there for centuries till Adia came.

Thinking back, Lysander was right. I am dense. I never gave up. I endlessly tried to pass those cursed symbols. I never learned. I always went back. Wasn't once enough? With all the pain that it evoked...


The days that I lay there just inside the border unable to move because of all the pain. The smell of fresh and old wretch. Lying in my own filth. Desiring relief. In a way Adia was my relief. My savior... what was I to her?

"Season!" she screamed. Shaking me.

"A- Adia..." I murmured in a shallow voice.

"I've been calling you for the past few minutes..." she muttered. I wasn't she if Iwas supposed to hear it so I responded any way with a brief and quiet "sorry".

Adia smiled at me silently saying that it was fine. But then I looked at her eyes. I saw something I hadn't seen in a long time. It felt foreign... could it really be...?

"Are you alright? You're crying and you've been shaking for quite a while now...
I... I w- was worried" she said getting quieter at the end.

I let an expression of shock wash past my face knowing it was what I truly felt. I had let my emotions and memories control me...
I brought my hand in front of my face only to find that my vision was clouded. She was right. I could feel the salt on my lips. Slowly I wiped what I could away only to find them instantly be replaced. I also felt the shaking of my hand when they clumsily wiped the tears away. the subconscious of mind I thought 'yes it really is concern'...

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