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Agree or Disagree: Girls cosplay male anime character more than guys
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19 / F / Malaysia
Posted 12/3/09
Okay... wat do you guys think?!

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22 / M / Dreamland
Posted 12/3/09
You should've made a poll haha
I agree with that. I do see girls cosplaying as guy characters, but never the other way around..or maybe I did a couple of times, in CR Pulse.
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27 / F / New York
Posted 12/3/09 , edited 12/3/09
I agree... I see a lot of them.
It's not weird though, because some male anime characters are just drawn more feminine, or in a way that a normal guy wouldn't be able to pull off.


The one in the middle is a girl (cosplaying Luffy from One Piece).
Now unless you're a guy with a baby face, I doubt you can pull that cosplay off as well as she did.
I assume there aren't many baby faced guys around... unless you're asian... then that ratio becomes 1:2
Posted 12/3/09
Please turn it into a poll since you only have two options.

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