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Do you agree that Japan is the most perverted country? Why??
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28 / M / Kingsport, Tennes...
Posted 3/2/12
I honestly do not think that it can be proven. I think it is possible that I have seen just as much perversion, if not more, in TV show, books, and movies. I think the difference is that the Japanese commonly show more appeal to the actual human body, as opposed to western cultures which tend to find more appeal in the act of sex itself.
Posted 3/13/12
all countries have the same amount of perversion. Japan is defo not the most perverted just because they are more open about looking at girls wearing lolita dresses. you know every guy is looking at porn behind the scenes anyway so who cares.
Posted 3/17/12 , edited 3/17/12
LOL, this just makes me laugh how humans argue over the stupidest thingsXD What ever happened to Global Warming?
Thanks for ceasing my boredom people::P

I wonder if the person who made this forum just wanted to see how much people would agure?I would. Guess that's what happened when you get ages of all kind on here.
Posted 4/19/12
US is the most perverted country. It's a fact that US is #1 in promoting pornography...or so said the news xD
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28 / M / Vancouver, CANADA
Posted 4/19/12
I think it is the case for every country, it's just that, I guess Japan is more open about it.
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32 / M
Posted 4/20/12

janggs19 wrote:

I only came up with this thinking recently and I don't know if I can agree or not so I tried to google about these thing and I'm shocked there where really like thousands of threads on the net who's talking about this

if japan is really the most perverted???
is there a ranking for what's the most perverted country in the world??? lols

I'm currently livin in japan and this country is really awesome people are really nice(one of the nicest in the world) and have good manners .

ok these are the things I saw on diff threads as they based japan as the most perverted and even I agree on these stuffs

1.14-18 idols in these age you can already see this young girls on photobooks who only wears bikinis I mean what's amusing seeing these teens on bikinis and doing some sexy poses OMG they even release some DVD's of their photoshoots and the only thing you can see on that DVD is their only standing doing cute things while wearing petit bikinis shops everywhere I know other countries also have this shops the things that's weird to me is why it's even mannier than mcdonalds foodchain I think LOL:D and there are some shops who have a poster outside there windows and it's really boldly seen by people walking on the streets haha I wonder what's the reactions of holly peoples when they walk down the streets of japan and saw these stuffs

as of now I still can't agree.....but there are really some proof that will tell that japan is the most perverted country so what do you guys think of this

this question is not originally mine so if you don't want this don't answer or just tell the MOD to delete it:PS

What about kabakura, soaplands and girl's bars?

Or you didn't see any of those yet?
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Posted 6/1/12
"Perverted" in one country is not automatically "perverted" in another.
In the US, thanks to the overly vocal christian minority, people can get a little uptight about nakedness, and other natural body functions.

In Japan, I saw plenty of breasts and sex jokes in the manga for kids, but it wasn't a big deal.
Try putting an exposed breast on an episode of Spongebob and see what happens.
In the states, pubic hair is in magazines, movies, and TV, but in Japan it is forbidden and edited out.
Some countries freak out about homosexuals, some could not care less.
Everywhere is different.

Best to relax and not worry about other people's behavior.

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26 / M / Texas
Posted 6/1/12
Theres just alot of people in Japan and depending where you are your going to get alot of more "open Minded" people compared to America ,where from what im seeing, its alot more uptight compared to Japan.
I <3 Japan since i was young the culture, people, anime.
To call it Perverted might be much lol but again personal opinion is everything , I think they might not care who knows they're perverted , Americans are just as perverted as they are we just keep it hidden is all.

I like Makingpickles response best though.
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28 / Naked in a pine tree
Posted 6/8/12
Greece is worse.
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22 / F / Philippines
Posted 6/8/12 , edited 6/8/12
the animes and manga says yes..but i wont be that convinced unless i go to japan
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27 / M / Chesapeake, VA
Posted 7/8/12
Is Japan the most perverted? No. The US is. They are the largest producer of porn in the world. You can also say Russia is the most perverted since they are the largest producer of child porn in the world...then again, Japan is the largest producer of animated porn in the world. Japan's disgusting idol stuff...well, I will just say the US has something similar but on a smaller scale(child beauty pageants).

To say Japan is the most perverted because they are more pro-free speech than the US is obscene. Hell, survey's have shown most Japanese are against keeping lolicon legal(though, I am for it)
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30 / F / UK/Japan
Posted 7/15/12
maybe germany
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27 / F / USA
Posted 8/12/12
if i were to guess i would say yes they are the most perverted country
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27 / Canada
Posted 8/27/12
I dont think so...they are just honest and open about it...I live in north america and people just hide who they really are and what they really like, everyone is at least a bit perverted and it's fine it's in human nature imo.
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22 / F / Japan 日本
Posted 9/2/12
majority of humans are generally equally perverted. Its just that each country varies with what is socially accepted to show...
japan is just one of those countries that is more accepting
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