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Do you agree that Japan is the most perverted country? Why??
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29 / F / United States
Posted 4/21/10
according to most anime characters, YES!
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27 / F
Posted 5/8/10
hmm maybe they are just more open with their pervertly likes~~
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24 / M / Latvia
Posted 5/11/10
Yes and i think it's because the Japanese are pretty open about sexuality and I don't know one thing that would be considered as taboo in Japanese society.
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25 / F
Posted 5/13/10
I'm not sure for Japan ! I think it's Russia haha !
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23 / F / night sky
Posted 5/13/10
i think so too..
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28 / F
Posted 5/13/10
yes that is true because we had a japanese old man who always likes but and if you stand besides theme they really get the thing... even they there are many people around him its like their hobby or sumthing...
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38 / M / Inside your head...
Posted 5/13/10 , edited 5/13/10
Japan is definitely the most perverted. Proof?

1.Gropers on trains... I mean just how many men/ and women start feeling up strangers they don't even know?
2.Panty Flashers, my own personal experience... how many women would raise their skirts up (on purpose) in front of some guy they don't know???
3.Hentai, need I say more..
4.Ecchi, need I say more... reproductive organs festival that some of the towns have with all sorts of phalus themed items, sculptures, and... food.
6.The lolicon fetish
7.The panty thieves and sniffing of womens undergarments.
8.The ideology that men should force their way on women and women are just supposed to "accept" it... as depicted in shounen, seinen, shoujo manga, anime etc... Remember Hot Gimmick???
9.Soaplands, nude body soap massages, Host/Hostess bars...
10. Enjou Kosai, and the idea that young school girls can date much older guys.

And after all that, they STILL censor porn LMAO.
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21 / M
Posted 5/22/10
Yep i agree
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89 / M / Texas
Posted 7/8/10
I don't think so; and I suspect English-speaking hand-wringing about Japanese "perversity" says a lot more about us than it does about them.

The Japanese are more frank about sexuality than we are. I don't think that makes them the perverts, I think we are. Consider: all of the dirty words in English are body parts or bodily functions. It's craziness if you think about it. Taking the most obvious facts of being alive that we share with every other person who's ever been alive and assigning shame to that... I don't think that's going to sell as well in Japan, where there's a strong tendency towards pragmatism. The same thing goes for the Germans and the Scandinavians: they just aren't as terrified of boobs as we are. Maybe that's some kind of formula, not scared of boobs = extremely well-built cars. France, Britain, Italy... I'm sorry. Sadly, this probably explains the Ford Pinto.

I think it's this kind of matter-of-factness that allows Japanese culture to concentrate on what's really worthwhile; and the export-quality of much of their culture -- at least in my opinion -- is because of that.
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Posted 7/9/10 , edited 7/9/10
Ironically, Japan has the lowest sex rate whilst Greece has the highest sex rate.
Recent studies show South Korea to be the most perverse country. WTF. .____.
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31 / M / Closer, U
Posted 7/9/10

xtears4mex wrote:

nope,japan just basically trying to say "we're an open minded country"

I totally agree with that and another poster. I'm pretty damn pervy myself. Got a problem?
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19 / F
Posted 7/10/10
Lots of guys are Perverted on earth
and Few girls are perverted earth

Anime Example for the girls: like to looks for images on anime kissing and hugging

(lol I'm perverted for that ONLY about anime NOT real life)

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54 / M / Round Rock Tx
Posted 7/13/10
Having had the furtunate chance to visit over 80 countries.. I need to say the most perverted is Pakistan. and Arabs in General, but they hide it very well. IT seems the more an act is restricted or frowned on, the more a people will do it. In the Arab world, Many sexual things are taboo and punishishable by death, for this reason, they have so many closet perves, that come to life once they visit other countries.
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29 / F / PLACES
Posted 7/14/10 , edited 7/14/10
I can't really say that they're perverted. I think the biggest difference is that they're not as repressed as the United States. They tend to be a bit more open about certain aspects of sexuality, so it can give off the appearance of being perverted.

The biggest problem I faced in Japan, however, were train gropers. And because I'm a tall (by Japanese standards - I'm 5'4" and a half, without heels - which I wore daily in Japan) girl with (again, Japanese standard) larger breasts, I got groped like no one's business. I also knew how to handle such situations. I do think that a problem is that sex crimes, however, are much more commonplace in Japan, though not often reported. Hell, my roommate's sister was nearly raped, though the guy merely wanted her panties.

Hentai is merely viewed as porn. Tentacle rape and things aren't considered offensive because it is what it is. No one takes it seriously.

In the US, we're a culture that has grown up with the influence of Christianity and started off with varying degrees of Puritanism. Sex is viewed as a dirty, bad thing, and because we like to be 'edgy', we often insert huge amounts of sex into everything.
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22 / F
Posted 7/20/10 , edited 7/25/10
hmm...-_- i`d probably say yah Japan is the most perverted, you can tell how they encourage it in manga and anime.., don`t want to even think about it though -_-, oh yeah i also saw a poll where people in China, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou voted for the most perverted country and Japan waz the highest ever it had the most votes out of all the other countries O.o
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