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Which was your favorite scene in "You're beautiful"?
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29 / F
Posted 12/10/09
Love soooooo many scene in this drama...

Love jeremy ---> CUTEEEEE!!!!!

And the most sad scene is jeremy crying and singing in the bus..
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25 / F
Posted 12/11/09
actually I love it from EPISODE 1 to EPISODE 16!!!1
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F / U.S
Posted 12/11/09
My all time favorite, The pig chasing scene with tae kyung
Jeremy spraying the water hose on Mi Nam asking her to reveal her identity funny
Bus Scene where Jeremy finds out that Mi Nam loves JK and not SAD, i cried my heart out
Grocery shopping scene, love their bond...Jeremy tries to Hug Mi nam and Jae Kyung steps in

The movie scene, where Mi Nam and Jae Kyung see a movie and JK pretends he's about to punch her, but kisses her heart was about to melt...VERY SWEET >_<
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30 / F
Posted 12/11/09 , edited 12/11/09
The pig chasing scene is the funniest scene EVER !!!!!
i also like the way JK says '' GO MI NAM '' sooo cute awwww
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27 / F / Lee Min Ho's dreams
Posted 12/18/09
Another favorite scene from You're Beautiful is the " shu-wa-he" scene,

starting from the time Hwang Tae Kyung says "shu-wa-he" to Go Mi Nam

up to the car where Go Mi Nam gets the hiccups everytime Hwang Tae Kyung

says shu-wa-he and he asks her to answer. It's like he wants her to

acknowledge what that she likes him too. Sooooo sweet!
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M / las vegas
Posted 12/18/09
after the kiss, when go mi-nam was sitting on the piano and asking her self why he kiss her. "................hyung nim"
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F / England
Posted 12/18/09
I've got so many favourite parts in this drama that's why I love it!
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23 / F / Kuwait
Posted 12/18/09

saab17 wrote:

4. When Go Mi Nam sends Taekyung a message after the kiss saying its ok but she mistypes lol. Love when Taekyung says the pin to his mobile and Go MI Nam is so happy she finally unlocked his phone only to realise later that he had read the text already.

Lol which episode was that again XD

Srsly i don't have a fav scene. Cus Everything was Funny and ROMANTIC <333 I'm thinking of re-watching it again >.<
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Posted 12/18/09
Posted 12/19/09

-Shin Woo put salt in the spaghetti, then Jeremy put sugar, then Tae Kyung put in vinegar. LOL..
-And when Tae Kyung gave the pig and rabbit a surgery. HEHEHE
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29 / F / Greece-Athens
Posted 12/19/09

Lee-Teuk wrote:

ALOT but this one ish SO (LOL) xD

totally agree..this scene is hillarious...hahaha...
i really liked the one in the forest Mi Nam and Tae Kyung under the tree...<3
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Posted 12/19/09 , edited 12/19/09
i loved every scene xD my eyes were glued to the screen watching this drama. i can name so many off the top of my head

Scenes between GMN + TK:
- when taekyung and go min nam sang "fly me to the moon" together
- when go min nam was on the fan club site and taekyung was asking her questions
- when jeremy, shin woo and taekyung all brought limes for go min nam
- the sorry sorry scene and other random scenarios in the manager's thoughts
- go min nam naming all the super junior members
- near the end when taekyung holds go min nam's hand and figures out its her
- when go min nam sings "without a word" infront of taekyung
- go min nam's pig nose and taekyung's pout scenes
- taekyung getting the glue off go min nam's fingers/hand

- when go min nam goes to find the hairpin and taekyung goes to check if shes there

- taekyung taking care of go min nam while she was sick

- the first kiss

- dwaejee-tooki surgery

- the managers imaginary scenes (tazer scene)

- when taekyung is on top of go min nam and laughs while throwing leaves at her

- their second kiss

- when taekyung "threw" go min nam's ring in the pond (the hug scene)

- when taekyung asks her what her fav colour was; lime, yellow or black

- and of course the last scene when taekyung gives the necklace to her

hong sisters are amazing at making dramas. ive watched all their dramas and i was never disappointed in one.
i also cried at the scene when jeremy was singing "Really Good Word" soo sad. another funny scene is the grocery shopping scene, when they reenact their commercials x]
you're beautiful has to be my all time favourite drama (for now..) lets see if the hong sisters can top this drama ^^
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25 / F / somewhere..
Posted 12/19/09
When Go Mi Nam and Tae Kyung are at the park seeing how far the pogs can go.

GMN- "Did you see that? Shin Woo's went further!"
TK- "Hold on I can do that too." *fails*
GMN-"Wow, did you see that Shin Woo's went all the wa over there"
TK- "*tries again and fails* WHY IS MINE THE ONLY DEFECTIVE ONE?!"

So many scenes I loved like the shopping scene, pig-rabbit surgery, Tae Kyung chasing after the truck with Go Mi Nam on it, when GMN is scoring Tae Kyung and he gets 100 points, when the guys make spaghetti, the photo shoot with the colours and everyone collecting the limes, Tae Kyung looking after Go Mi Nam when she's sick and all of Jeremy's cute moments, especially with Jolie hahaha.

Posted 12/20/09

Those were only SOME of them!
Posted 12/23/09
i had too many. but my favorite. was when Jeremy was singing to her.
that was also the saddest.
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