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Which was your favorite scene in "You're beautiful"?
Posted 1/2/10 , edited 1/3/10
i have lots of fave scenes...

-- taekyung was chased by the pig (hahahaha)
-- taekyung and go mi nam was talking about the star and the moon, and Mi Nam said " I like you " looking at Taekyung, taekyung thought she's talking to the real star..
-- When tae kyung found out that Mi Nam likes him during their photoshoot.
-- when taekyung gave permission to Mi Nam to like him.
-- when mi nam sign-up as member of the fan club and tae kyung was asking him questions.. when he got 100, he was freaking cute hugging the pig rabbit..
-- When they all went to the grocery
-- Mi nam sing without saying infront of taekyung
-- when they sang rudolph the red nose reindeer
-- when tae kyung retrieve Mi Nam's hairclip from Yoo He Yi
-- When Taekyung followed Mi Nam at the airport and told her, He likes her... and then he kept teasing Mi Nam by always mentioning LIKE in his questions and Mi Nam hiccups everytime she hears him says LIKE.
-- the second kiss, and Mi Nam seeing fireworks after the kiss.. hahahaha
-- the kiss after they watch the movie.. ( <3)
-- when tae kyung was looking for mi nam in the audience during the concert and he found her and hugged her and said I love you!!!!!!
-- when he gave th necklace to mi nam, and said "I will only shine for you."

-- i also like fake fairy and tae kyung's first meeting at the van, when he fakely kissed her, when he threw her shoes, when he cooked pasta and put lots of vinegar in it.

that's just to name a few... hahahaha

Sad Parts..
-- jeremy sang in the bus while crying
-- Shinwoo's efforts to make mi nam happy esp. when he asked mi nam to turn around, but mi nam did not see him.
-- taekyung crying holding on mi nam's hand..

i love everytime taekyung pouts his lips, says GO MI NAM, and i love his arrogant look...

I SO LOVE THIS DRAMA!!! Director's cut please upload it!

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Posted 1/2/10 , edited 1/3/10
my favorite part was when tae-kyung asked if she wanted to see alot of stars and was jokingly getting ready to sock her and when she closed her eyes he pulled her in and kissed her

i was really sad when shin woo was following mi-nam around the city telling her where to go and when he told her to turn around to see him, she got a phone call from tae-kyung and ran the other direction. i was felt SO sad for him!
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Posted 1/3/10 , edited 1/3/10

LOL. After Tae Kyung confesses to Mi Nam. {When she was supposed to go overseas with Shin Woo}
Then in the car.. HAHAHA.
He asks her..
What would you like to eat..
Then Mi Nam gets hic-cups..
And Tae Kyung makes it damn funny by keep using the word LIKE.

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Posted 1/9/10 , edited 1/9/10
OP has nuked. Don't recreate this please.

Just use this:

[KDrama] You're Beautiful
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