Suddenly, a love story
Posted 12/5/09 , edited 12/5/09
(Note:yeah this is my first time writing a Soul Eater fanfic. Its about my favorite character Death the kid<33!! Hope you enjoy it )
Kid was sitting at his desk on a ordinary morning at school when he herd someone say "Hey did you hear? A new student's coming today! I herd her meister died and she still can't find a new one!" Kid was surprised. His father didn't mention anything about a new student! Just then, Stein-sensei walked in, the new girl walking behind. Her long hair covered one of her eyes, not symmetrical at all! But he had to admit, she was beautiful. "Okay, class is starting! Today we have a new student." said Stein-sensei. The girl looked at the class and said "My name is Haru. I hope we have a good school year together." So her name is haru... thought Kid. Stein pointed to the empty seat next to Kid and said "From now on that will be your seat" She walked over there, her hair flowing even though there was no wind and plopped herself at the seat. "Hey is it true you dont have a meister?" asked Kid. She looked a little mad. "No, its the other way around, I don't have a weapon. Then again, if I did I would be able to blow up this room. Whatever gave you that idea?"she asked. "Oh nothing. Just someone said that before class started". the rest of class was about as normal as any other day. After the bell rang, someone on the intercom said "Haru, Death The Kid, Patti and Lizplease come to Shinigami-sama's office." When Kid, Lis and Patti got there, Haru was already standing there. "Why did you call us over here?" she asked Shinigami. "Well I have a important mission for you two. A powerful witch is destroying a town close by. The witch is so powerful that I need both of you to handle it. The town is just to the north of us" he said. "Understood. But am I okay? I dont have a weapon." said Haru. Shinigami-sama looked at her and said "I have herd many rumors about you, Haru. You will be fine without a weapon" How powerful is this girl, exactly?! thought Kid.

(im gunna finish this later. My mom's forcing me to go to bed! >.<)
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