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Best Techno
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23 / F / Philippines
Posted 2/24/08
stronger by daft punk (not kanye west)
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30 / M / Hulaan mo!!!
Posted 2/24/08
Daft Punk songs.....
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40 / M / VA
Posted 2/25/08
Anything from Ed Banger records (that includes Daft Punk) - Justice, SebastiAn, Feadz, Mr. Oizo
Anything from DFA records - look up hot chip, hercules and love affair
Anything on the Kitsune Maison label - Big Face, Guns n' Bombs, Digitalism, etc.

Also look up Those dudes kill it with RnB and electronic music mashups. Currently, I'm digging Erol Alkan and Kill the Noise as well.
Posted 2/25/08
-Barbie Girl 2006 - Rob Mayth

-Base Attack (Rob Mayth Remix) - Techno Rocker

-bAx In TrAx - DJ Moogan

-Born Too Slow - The Crystal Method

-Break Up (Remix) - Kim Sozzi

-Ramp! [The Logical Song] - Scooter

-One Night In Bangkok - Vinylshakers

-Perfect Exceeder - Princess Superstar

-This Rox - Ziggy X

Just to name a few
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27 / M / Melbourne
Posted 2/25/08

scoutingwraith wrote:

zomfg wrote:

CrimsonPhoenix wrote:

zomfg wrote:

CrimsonPhoenix wrote:

Axel Coon - Promise me (Club Mix)
Dj Merlin & Dj C-base - No Alternative
Ganjaguru - Black sweater
Ganjaguru - Overload
Dark Oscillators - Stereophobia
Headhunterz - D-Tuned
Donkey Rollers - No One Can Stop Us (Showtek Remix)
Dj Duro - Phenomenon
Carnifex - Fireflash
Cruz and White - Make it faster (sped up version of Kanye West's Stronger, only without the rap and has bass lol)

thats only a few that i've thought of...hope you like em.

yaye. someone else who doesn't listen to cheesy techno =.=

dark oscillators - food for woofers
and it's cliche but showtek - fts (hard mix)

so true. i get tired of those songs that get released into mainstream tv/radio. artists include: cascada, dht, David Guetta (although one of his songs is alright).

i'd rather listen to Hardstyle :)
gonna include more songs:

Maziano - Take Control Harder
Dark Oscillators - Nero
Pacific Link - Contatto
Showtek - Dust 2 Dust (this song is old, but i like it xD )
Brennan Heart & JDX - Get Wasted

all of those songs are awesome :D

it's soooo true. and DHT or whoever sings that listen to my heart song.

alphazone - flashback (dave joy mix)
builder - her voice
dj gius - scrubs
showtek - 3 the hard way
zany - nothing else matters (best sing a long)
zatox - alright
showtek - early sounds
walt - walt street
southstylers - crystal
technoboy - vita

otay, i'm done for now ^__^ freaking love my showtek. they were so good live.

Most of these songs are the ones i listen to and practice shuffling everyday.

Also you can include

Donkey Rollers - No One Can Stop Us (Showtek Kwartjes Remix)

Builder - Her Voice (Super Bass Mix)

Mike Phobos - Cross Over (DJ Slideout Remix)

Trance Generators - Do You Wanna Balloon

Southstylers Aka Walt & Zany - E-town

those are like..the most classic hardstyle songs rofl..

btw, pm me if you want me to link you to the tracks of [Hg] K*N*G. he created em himself and they sound just damn awesome!!

ps: guys, if you wana see a pro shuffler, watch [Hg] Hiltzy. gotta love his style, its so damn smooth. - i guarantee you satisfaction :)

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27 / M / B.C., Canada
Posted 2/25/08
Techno 4 life group!!!!!!
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30 / M
Posted 2/25/08
Anyone know that one techno song that has the Sonic the Hedgehog theme in it? Heres the youtube vid, its about 10 seconds in that the part comes up.

And thanks for all the great techno songs xD.
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F / あなたのベッド
Posted 2/26/08
song would be "Call on me"

and techno band would be
.Dj Tiesto.
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30 / M
Posted 2/27/08
I can't find it, so far the only ones I've found aren't the ones I'm looking for. Dx
Posted 2/27/08

kirbysan wrote:

I prefer trance over techno but anyways..
Daft Punk - Aerodynamics, One More Time, Aerodynamics (One More Time remix), Something About Us
DJ Liquid - Final Fantasy Remix
Andain - Beautiful Things
Fragma vs Darude vs ATB vs DJ Alligator - Tocastorm
bLiNd - JENOVA Celestial (From the album of FF7 : Voices of the Lifestream. Download the whole thing. Has some great instrumentals/techno/trance songs)
Basshunter - Boten Anna, DotA Song (Vi Sittar Har i Venten Och Spelar Lite Dota)
Dirty Vegas - Days Go By (remix)
DJ Tiesto - Adagio For Strings
DJ Mangoo - The Enlightment
DJ Panda - Hardhouse
Yuzo Koshiro - Driver's Delight, Maximum Acceleration, Fun Loving Spirit, Stream of Tears remix (from the Maximum Tune album)
The Prodigy - Voodoo People
Paul Oakenfeld - Ready, Steady, Go (and the remix)
Serina Paris - Just About Enough (it's actually not that bad)

If anyone's got some really good techno or some really good trance/vocal trance titles, tell me some please :D

There's Moonlight Shadow (Dance Remix)
My personal favorite

TenohxHaruka wrote:

For Techno songs I like Groove Coverage

I agree with you! I like Moonlight Shadow from that group
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30 / F / Currently in Phil...
Posted 2/27/08
Ever After By: Bonnie Bailey
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25 / M / Minnesota
Posted 2/27/08
omg i hate when people label everthing techno
get your sub gene right
Posted 2/27/08

I didn't tell you this ¬_¬;;

so i herd u liek musics (oh lawd, is dat sum insurgency) version 2.1-DJ AnounymOS
Chocolate Rain remix- PoleJr
Flight of Tacgnol- Anonymous
Lucky Star REDALiCE remix- REDALiCE
300 This is Sparta (EXTENDED fun times mix)
Series of Tubes (Net Neutrality Dance mix)
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27 / M / Dallas, TX
Posted 2/28/08
trance ftw
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30 / F / Not Here...
Posted 2/28/08
I like stuff by Groove Coverage, Daft Punk... er... I know there are more... I like certian stuff from DDR, but I guess that's running off what people consider "techno"... I like classical songs that are remixed or whatever you call it. As you can tell, I'm very knowlegeble (scarcasm, for anyone who can't tell).
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